Monday, February 24, 2014


Wow! I can't believe it's already P-day again! Didn't I just write you all two days ago? 
First, my rash is no more! Sorry to leave you hanging about that. It went away the Tuesday after I wrote you about it. It was an answer to many prayers! Heavenly Father is so wonderful! Someday, I send you the pictures so you can see why we had to go to the doctor. (As long as you don't post it to my blog, haha!) It looks pretty... unfortunate. I'm actually writing a letter to you with more detail about it today. Anyway, all is well now! 

So, this week I decided to focus on our investigators- real missionary life. I realized as I read through my last emails that I haven't really talked about that yet! Pshh! That's why I'm out here, right? We have 9 progressing investigators right now, seven of them with a baptismal date. It's pretty amazing! The people are so ready here and our schedule is so tight next week, that we've already been scheduling for two weeks from now. 
We have two youth investigators, both of which will hopefully be baptized March 15th. They are ready and have almost all the lessons, they just need to keep coming to church. One of them is 12, and her little sister is the cute Filipino child I was telling you about. Last time we taught, her little sister was begging for attention so I gave her my plan of salvation to play with. Um, yeah. She took it and ran into another room, shutting the door behind her. I'm pretty sure she thought I was giving it to her. I tried really hard not to get up and chase after her... and thankfully she came back with it five minutes later. She didn't really know what to do with it I think. She sucked on the ziplock bag a lot. Haha, oh well. As long as it kept her busy.Anyway, both of our youth investigators are great!  
On the other end of the spectrum is our 84 year old investigator, whom we all call Lola. (Grandma) She actually reads, prays, and comes to church! She's been three times now. She is a pretty tough old lady too. She still does all the ironing and cooking and cleaning. Seriously, I want to be her when I grow up! She doesn't have a baptismal date yet, but she committed to being baptized once she knows it's true. Awesome. Oh, speaking of "awesome", that's like, one of the top phrases here. EVERYONE says it. They think it's such a cool American word. Haha! 
One of my favorite investigators to visit right now is 29. She's the one that put on her door, "pick a religion, decide now." Well, she decided! She knows it's true! She told us last lesson and I almost cried, I was so happy and full of love for her! It's like witnessing a miracle. It is witnessing a miracle!! Especially for her because she really took the time to know- through diligent study and prayer. She doesn't just have a testimony, she's converted! Yay! I love missionary work! 

Ano pa? We had a really cool youth activity in our ward this week- one I think y'all back home should do! It was focused on "A day in the Life of  a Missionary." They got to the church at nine in the morning and were out teaching less-actives in groups of 3, I think. At one, they met up with us and taught some of our investigators with us, as member presents. Then at five, we went back to the church for a baptismal service, (the other sister's investigator). Afterward they had a testimony meeting. It was so wonderful! How cool for those youth!  Our 12 year old investigator came along and it made her even more excited to baptized!! Yes! 
This week we are having a missionary fireside and during it, we are going to have the members practice giving away pamphlets to their friends. We have a chart to give them where they make "missionary goals" as to how many people they are going to share the gospel with! What a really great idea! And what a great ward I live in here! Seriously, they are ON FIRE about missionary work! 
Oh yes, and guess who came back to church this week? All those "Jesus Loves You" boys. Seriously, all of them came!  They were wearing much nicer clothes this week, with their hair all gelled back. They stayed the whole time and were very reverent! Can you believe it?!!!!!!!! If they come again, we might start teaching them! 

Well, I really miss you all out here sometimes! Frozen was already out on DVD when I got here and so people are always watching it. Karaoke is pretty big here and I always here children doing "Let it go" at the top of their lungs. The other day, I heard "Do you want to build a Snowman?" I literally started crying!  It made me miss my little sister sooooo much! Yeah, but I don't miss you all enough to come home!!!!! I love it too much here! 
Wow, I don't know what else to write! I love it here- always! The lifestyle is very different, but so fun and exciting! The people are wonderful- members and investigators alike! And of course, the food is pretty great too! I've learned the magic words that will get you a meal around here, haha. It's, "What is your favorite Filipino dish?" That always follows with, "Awesome, I'll make it for you!" I love these people!!!!!!!!! They know how to keep us well fed.
Till next week  
Sister Beaumont

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