Saturday, September 28, 2013

Week 6- Part one

Well, I never thought I would be writing my next blog post personally! Week 6 was pretty much the longest and most emotional week of my life. Everything was exactly how you'd imagine the last week of the MTC to be... double the excitement, double the emotions, and double the work efforts.
Wednesday marked the almost-there-point of the week. It was also the second to last gym time, which for our district meant second to last time to play our favorite, volleyball.
We all raced to our favorite court after the amen. I remember a voice in the back of my head say, "Maybe you should start out with stairs today..." I pushed the thought out of my head as quickly as it had come in. There was no way that I was missing volleyball with my district! :)
Five minutes later, it was my second hit of the game... and again the thought came to me, "Maybe don't hit that one."
I hit it. The crunch sound was sickening, loud enough that almost the entire court heard it. I looked down, my whole hand throbbing in pain. My thumb was bent inside out- I could easily see that it was probably broken. From the tip of my thumb down to my wrist I was swollen and red.
Sister Martinez was the first to reach me. "Are you okay?"
"I think so... Actually, I think I broke my thumb. Should I stay here... or see the nurse?" I asked.
 "See the nurse!" She said immediately. She led me to the stand by nurse in the gym. The nurse probably sees hundreds of jammed fingers and I had a hard time convincing her that this was more than a few hours of pain.
"What do you rate your pain?" She asked me.
I gripped the table to keep from crying. "Uh... 10."
"Okay, well if 10 is child-birth, what do you rate your pain?" She asked, turning my thumb to see it better.
I didn't hesitate. "10."
She raised her eyebrows at me.
"Okay... maybe 9, 9 1/2-ish."
"So, you feel a lot of pain?"
After prodding me and moving my thumb around, I could tell she came to the conclusion that it wasn't broken. She had me ice it for the remainder of gym, and then wrapped it very loosely. The pain was really bad, but if she didn't think it was broken, I didn't want to make a big deal out of it. That night, an Elder in my district wrapped it more securely for me, which was so painful, but I'm grateful he did. Because of the way he wrapped it, my thumb was protected from further injury.
We decided to go to the doctor first thing in the morning. After waiting almost an hour to go back, the doctor only spent 5 minutes looking at it before he sent us for x-rays. The x-rays took about an hour and then we had to wait another hour before we could see the doctor again. He told me a broke it in a t-shape down the first knuckle and then around the back of my knuckle. The joint was also pushed back a little, which is why my thumb looked inside out. He set up another appointment for me, this time at a hand-specialist.
I knew that my thumb was broken pretty bad, but I had the innocent hope that in 4 days, I would be boarding a plane heading for the Philippines.

My cast!

My shower proof system!

Friday, September 27, 2013

Week 5

Wow! This week has been outrageously busy for me! 
First, the calling of sister training leader is a lot more work than I expected! Rather than having 40 minutes total a day to write letters or journal I have 5 a day! I literally carry my journal with me and write in a line whenever I get a free moment! We have an hour at nights to write and get ready for bed/next day, but with 8 rooms of sister missionaries to go around and give a small devotional to, I have no time! Last night I had three minutes to get ready before the lights went off! Whew! 
But I love being a sister training leader and being able to get to know so many people on a personal level. There is so much that goes into it, but its really satisfying too. Not to mention, I love spending time with our zone leaders. We are really becoming good friends now and they make the job fun! 
We are leaving at 4:30 in the morning for the airport on Monday, Sep 23. Our flight (for all the sisters) is at 8:45 and the elders leave 10 minutes before that. We then go to LA, then to Tokyo (elders and sisters on separate flights in our district) but we then meet up as a district again in Tokyo and all fly to Manila on the same flight! YESSSS! Isn't that so perfect? 
So... what else?
Our investigator committed to reading the whole book of Mormon. He prayed about Joseph Smith and is starting to gain a testimony. It is truly the coolest thing to witness. He asked us a lot of hard questions again and I used several scriptures to answer. Thank you, daddy for all of the scripture chases and missionary practices! It really paid off last lesson.
We had our audition for the musical number (Savior Redeemer of my soul) and we got call-backs! We are practicing really hard to get in so that we can maybe preform together the night before we leave the MTC! Isn't that so cool? Pray that we can get it for us! (I'm singing alto ps.)
What else? 
Last weeks' TRC was amazing! We didn't have enough volunteers because of the rain and so we ended up teaching two elders in our district. We had an amazing spiritual experience with them. As we were teaching the gospel of Christ, I literally felt my tongue bind so to say. Not in a negative way, but it was like the Holy Ghost was saying, "Wait. Stop and listen." Both my Kasama and I felt that and we paused for half a minute. Then suddenly, even though we had just asked Elder Johnston if he had a spiritual experience to share, I asked him again, this time if he could share one specifically on faith. He shared an amazing experience and then my Kasama and I shared one. The spirit was so thick in the room, it was as if we could literally touch it. My kasama started crying and bore her testimony that the savior and that God loved these Elders and that she could feel that love. I could feel it so strongly too. It was seriously one of the most amazing experiences I've had here! (I say that every week).
Well, I better go. Time’s up. Enjoy the pictures I sent you and I'm going to try to send home my card to get it emptied before the Pines. (I took a video of us opening the flight plans and I wanted you to see it!)
Also, I'm going to try to send stuff home next week, so be on the look out! 
Mahal Kita, y'all!

-Sister Beaumont 
Waiting to open our flight-plans

Zone with flightplans!

District with flightplans!

Kasamas with flightplans!

Week 4

Hi everyone! HAPPY BIRTHDAY MOM! :D I love you soo sooo much!!!!!!!!!!!! I love you because you are the best mom I could ever ask for! 
I just wrote you a letter so hopefully you'll get everything. I told you most of what I was going to say for my email, so don't feel too bad if it's not a long one. 
And, sorry about the last email, apparently it sounded really depressing! I am perfectly fine and loving life! I love everything about being a missionary and the only thing that would make me cry is the thought of coming home! (But I love y'all and I miss home too.) 
I am masaya! Which is happy in tagalog! It is actually one of my favorite words ever because when you pronounce it, it sounds just like messiah, so I always tell myself I'm happy because of my messiah! Masaya ako! :D It's a really special word for me. 
So our investigator Efrin. My kasama and I studied and prayed really hard for this next lesson because we didn't want to mess it up. He didn't complete the commitment, but he was more open to us than last time. He asked us the HARDEST questions, like why did Jesus send prophets before him and after him, why not just come at the beginning? We were praying so hard the whole lesson, but I think we did really good. We shared a few scriptures and testified, testified, testified. We committed him to read the Book of Mormon and ponder it. Hopefully he keeps this commitment. 
So, everyone got sick with a cold except for me. Go figure! I'm not taking any vitamin C either. I can't believe it! My kasama was really sick for the last few days and I've been going on splits here and there. :/ Well, she's feeling so much better though so no worries. 
So, I've been improving in my volleyball skills here at the mtc. I'm becoming pretty champ. at the sport! I've finally learned to how to hit it normally. There is this tall, Samoan Elder in my district. I love him to pieces, just like a brother, but he is he a beast at volleyball! Last time we were playing, I was going to spike the ball and suddenly I felt this huge mass come up right behind me and breathe down my neck! I literally ducked and let out a little scream, but it didn't even faze this Elder! He just whacked that ball like nobody's business! Another time I crouched to catch a low one and he slid right up next to me and hit it just inches from my face! I tell you what, playing on the same team with this Elder is giving me stress! 
So... two more weeks!!!!!!!!!! Can you believe it???????? I just can't believe that two weeks from now I'll be in the Pines! What?! We get our fight-plans this Friday! 
The district that had just come in when we first got here leaves on Sunday, which is just weird! All of our Zone Leaders and Sister Training Leaders are getting released so we keep teasing each-other in our district about being called. :D We'll see how it turns out, but we've pretty much all placed bets. 
I've been asked to participate in a musical performance/audition. If we get it, we are going to perform in front of all of the missionaries at Devotional! Right now, I'm either going to play the piano part or sing alto. We'll see. :)
Everyone keeps complimenting me on my voice. I always want to turn around and then look back like, "Me???" But seriously, everyone tells me I sound great. In the words of an Elder, I sound "boss!" 
Last night I was blow drying my hair and singing "How Great Thou Art" and I had three separate girls come up and tell me that they could hear me in their rooms (embarrassing!) and that they just wanted to know who was singing so beautiful! Awww! Well, obviously this is going to my head. I'm going to change subjects. 
My roommates all call me sleeping beauty. They say I sleep like a princess (Perfectly straight with my hands crossed over my stomach) and I've caught them more than once trying to capture a picture of me sleeping. :D Haha! 
Each week we have a thing called TRC which is when we get to speak with people from the Philippines and teach them a lesson sa tagalog! (in tagalog) Last week's TRC was so amazing! This old woman totally helped my Kasama and I. She was the sweetest and this week we are planning on popping in on her to give her a really big hug! 
Well, love you all so much! Talk to you in two weeks, probably at 3 in the morning! :D 
-Sister Beaumont 
Sisters in my district! (Left to right, back to front: Sister Burt, Sister Gaspar De Alba, Sister Beaumont, Sister Williams, Sister Seastrand, Sister Martinez)

Sisters in my zone!