Friday, September 27, 2013

Week 4

Hi everyone! HAPPY BIRTHDAY MOM! :D I love you soo sooo much!!!!!!!!!!!! I love you because you are the best mom I could ever ask for! 
I just wrote you a letter so hopefully you'll get everything. I told you most of what I was going to say for my email, so don't feel too bad if it's not a long one. 
And, sorry about the last email, apparently it sounded really depressing! I am perfectly fine and loving life! I love everything about being a missionary and the only thing that would make me cry is the thought of coming home! (But I love y'all and I miss home too.) 
I am masaya! Which is happy in tagalog! It is actually one of my favorite words ever because when you pronounce it, it sounds just like messiah, so I always tell myself I'm happy because of my messiah! Masaya ako! :D It's a really special word for me. 
So our investigator Efrin. My kasama and I studied and prayed really hard for this next lesson because we didn't want to mess it up. He didn't complete the commitment, but he was more open to us than last time. He asked us the HARDEST questions, like why did Jesus send prophets before him and after him, why not just come at the beginning? We were praying so hard the whole lesson, but I think we did really good. We shared a few scriptures and testified, testified, testified. We committed him to read the Book of Mormon and ponder it. Hopefully he keeps this commitment. 
So, everyone got sick with a cold except for me. Go figure! I'm not taking any vitamin C either. I can't believe it! My kasama was really sick for the last few days and I've been going on splits here and there. :/ Well, she's feeling so much better though so no worries. 
So, I've been improving in my volleyball skills here at the mtc. I'm becoming pretty champ. at the sport! I've finally learned to how to hit it normally. There is this tall, Samoan Elder in my district. I love him to pieces, just like a brother, but he is he a beast at volleyball! Last time we were playing, I was going to spike the ball and suddenly I felt this huge mass come up right behind me and breathe down my neck! I literally ducked and let out a little scream, but it didn't even faze this Elder! He just whacked that ball like nobody's business! Another time I crouched to catch a low one and he slid right up next to me and hit it just inches from my face! I tell you what, playing on the same team with this Elder is giving me stress! 
So... two more weeks!!!!!!!!!! Can you believe it???????? I just can't believe that two weeks from now I'll be in the Pines! What?! We get our fight-plans this Friday! 
The district that had just come in when we first got here leaves on Sunday, which is just weird! All of our Zone Leaders and Sister Training Leaders are getting released so we keep teasing each-other in our district about being called. :D We'll see how it turns out, but we've pretty much all placed bets. 
I've been asked to participate in a musical performance/audition. If we get it, we are going to perform in front of all of the missionaries at Devotional! Right now, I'm either going to play the piano part or sing alto. We'll see. :)
Everyone keeps complimenting me on my voice. I always want to turn around and then look back like, "Me???" But seriously, everyone tells me I sound great. In the words of an Elder, I sound "boss!" 
Last night I was blow drying my hair and singing "How Great Thou Art" and I had three separate girls come up and tell me that they could hear me in their rooms (embarrassing!) and that they just wanted to know who was singing so beautiful! Awww! Well, obviously this is going to my head. I'm going to change subjects. 
My roommates all call me sleeping beauty. They say I sleep like a princess (Perfectly straight with my hands crossed over my stomach) and I've caught them more than once trying to capture a picture of me sleeping. :D Haha! 
Each week we have a thing called TRC which is when we get to speak with people from the Philippines and teach them a lesson sa tagalog! (in tagalog) Last week's TRC was so amazing! This old woman totally helped my Kasama and I. She was the sweetest and this week we are planning on popping in on her to give her a really big hug! 
Well, love you all so much! Talk to you in two weeks, probably at 3 in the morning! :D 
-Sister Beaumont 
Sisters in my district! (Left to right, back to front: Sister Burt, Sister Gaspar De Alba, Sister Beaumont, Sister Williams, Sister Seastrand, Sister Martinez)

Sisters in my zone! 

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