Friday, September 27, 2013

Week 5

Wow! This week has been outrageously busy for me! 
First, the calling of sister training leader is a lot more work than I expected! Rather than having 40 minutes total a day to write letters or journal I have 5 a day! I literally carry my journal with me and write in a line whenever I get a free moment! We have an hour at nights to write and get ready for bed/next day, but with 8 rooms of sister missionaries to go around and give a small devotional to, I have no time! Last night I had three minutes to get ready before the lights went off! Whew! 
But I love being a sister training leader and being able to get to know so many people on a personal level. There is so much that goes into it, but its really satisfying too. Not to mention, I love spending time with our zone leaders. We are really becoming good friends now and they make the job fun! 
We are leaving at 4:30 in the morning for the airport on Monday, Sep 23. Our flight (for all the sisters) is at 8:45 and the elders leave 10 minutes before that. We then go to LA, then to Tokyo (elders and sisters on separate flights in our district) but we then meet up as a district again in Tokyo and all fly to Manila on the same flight! YESSSS! Isn't that so perfect? 
So... what else?
Our investigator committed to reading the whole book of Mormon. He prayed about Joseph Smith and is starting to gain a testimony. It is truly the coolest thing to witness. He asked us a lot of hard questions again and I used several scriptures to answer. Thank you, daddy for all of the scripture chases and missionary practices! It really paid off last lesson.
We had our audition for the musical number (Savior Redeemer of my soul) and we got call-backs! We are practicing really hard to get in so that we can maybe preform together the night before we leave the MTC! Isn't that so cool? Pray that we can get it for us! (I'm singing alto ps.)
What else? 
Last weeks' TRC was amazing! We didn't have enough volunteers because of the rain and so we ended up teaching two elders in our district. We had an amazing spiritual experience with them. As we were teaching the gospel of Christ, I literally felt my tongue bind so to say. Not in a negative way, but it was like the Holy Ghost was saying, "Wait. Stop and listen." Both my Kasama and I felt that and we paused for half a minute. Then suddenly, even though we had just asked Elder Johnston if he had a spiritual experience to share, I asked him again, this time if he could share one specifically on faith. He shared an amazing experience and then my Kasama and I shared one. The spirit was so thick in the room, it was as if we could literally touch it. My kasama started crying and bore her testimony that the savior and that God loved these Elders and that she could feel that love. I could feel it so strongly too. It was seriously one of the most amazing experiences I've had here! (I say that every week).
Well, I better go. Time’s up. Enjoy the pictures I sent you and I'm going to try to send home my card to get it emptied before the Pines. (I took a video of us opening the flight plans and I wanted you to see it!)
Also, I'm going to try to send stuff home next week, so be on the look out! 
Mahal Kita, y'all!

-Sister Beaumont 
Waiting to open our flight-plans

Zone with flightplans!

District with flightplans!

Kasamas with flightplans!

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