Monday, March 24, 2014

Tracting Ever Tracting

Kumusta Po Kayo! 

Well, as you probably guessed from the title- We did a lot of tracting this week. We hit that point in every missionary's life where you have a ton of baptisms all at once and it's really exciting and wonderful- UNTIL, you realize... wait, I just lost all my investigators. We also lost a few investigators (dropped, quit the lessons...) so now, we are square one again. Finding. Anway, don't worry too much- we still have a few great ones that are progressing toward a baptism for the end of this month. It was just a little like, "Wait, what just happened?". And then of course, because I'm leading the area, it was up to me to direct our tracting. I'm pretty sure we got lost a few times- I wouldn't know. Ha, as long as we always make it home right? 

But we had another Baptism! Our twelve year old investigator. It was a beautiful baptism. She was so, so excited to be a member. Her testimony was very sweet too. She is so strong! Her father is a LA and her mother is a Non-Member. Only her mom and her little sister attended her baptism- and she was still so happy! She really made an influence on her mom too, I think. Her mom told me later that she was "So happy" at the baptism. Wow. What a champ!  

Like I said, we did a lot of tracting and finding this week. We did find a lot of people- but they were all like- "I can't be taught until April 12th or May." Great.... thanks. But we did find a lot of wonderful potentials too that we are hoping to contact this week. One of them, I'm particularly excited about! She was really sincerely interested and said we could come back this Tuesday. Yay! 

We had exchanges this week. I taught my first ever door-approach lesson (the ones that you teach right on the spot.) They waited until AFTER the whole lesson to tell us that they didn't want another religion- that they were perfectly happy in their own. Oh well... planting seeds. Also on the exchanges, we got a new investigator- the sister from one of our investigators. She told us that she believed the only way to receive an answer is through revelation from God. YES! She's already on board. We are teaching her again on Tuesday and I'm really excited. 

As far as stories go... 
We saw a baby in a backback the other day. Yes, really- a one year old baby inside a rolling backpack. The younger sister was dragging him around behind her. I had to exercise some real constraint when she started running down the street with him- the backpack/baby swaying back and forth about to capsize. Yikes. What a dangerous childhood he's leading.

I saw a mouse get trapped in a liter of soda during one of our lessons. Don't worry- it was empty. It was just a little distracting for the rest of the lesson. I couldn't decide whether I wanted him to get out or not. 

As we were walking back from an appointment yesterday, this man suddenly called out to us- "Hello Sisters!" So we look- and then immediately wish we hadn't. It was a man, smoking... and peeing. Out in the open. Rule one, if your peeing... don't say hello to people passing by. It's just awkward for everyone. 

Sister Feinga has the most Christ-like, sweetest disposition of anyone I've ever met. She is so loving and kind- full of service. So... it's a little like, "Um- did you just say that?" when she yelled, "SHUT UP!" to this car that kept honking at us. Seriously, WAS.NOT. EXPECTING. THAT. I laughed for like an hour. 

Wow, I wish I had more to say! But, I guess I spend the rest of my time sending pictures to you all from last week. Sorry this is soooo short! 
Next week I'll write more, I promise! 
Love you, 
-Sister Beaumont

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