Monday, May 19, 2014

Life Is Good In The Philippines!

Hello Family! I really hope that I have enough time to email you now! It was really hard to get the internet up and working today. The internet server kept rejecting the mission websites. Then I was struggling with trying to get my card reader to come up. I'm sorry but I guess I'm not sending any pictures this week. It's okay. I only have two to send anyway.

Well, I've been on a mission for 5 months now. I have 13 months left! What? I still don't know the language!!!!!!!! (Moms note:  When we skyped with her she had a hard time remembering English and speaking it to us so I think she is doing better than she thinks with the language, we have also had people from her ward tell us she speaks the language really well)  I feel like that came so fast. Has it been going as fast for all of you? I hope so. I've got the easy part of the "waiting 18 months to see you again". I'm having so much fun out here, I think I really don't even notice time passing. But speaking of all that, I am officially going home June 2015.
When I get released, I go to the mission home.   I think you can meet me there... So plan on that I guess... 
I do know that they have three days of meetings and activities with the mission president, and I'm NOT going home before that.Sorry! :)  
Um... yep. If you still have questions, just ask I guess.
This week we had companion exchanges. We went into the other Sister's area, which was really weird. I haven't "lived" in a new area yet. I felt like I went through culture-shock all over again. I thought I was over it, but nope! We went to downtown city to catch the right Jeepney. That was culture shock number one for me. It was straight scary trying to get that jeep. Everyone was coming back from their work, so there were about 150 other people waiting to get on the same jeepney we were. Each time it would stop, everyone would run to the street, pushing and shoving trying to get on first. It made me think of that line from the Brian Regan thing. "Everyone push and shove! This is the last helicopter out of Vietnam!" I felt like I was in some sort of zombie apocalypse movie or something- mostly because it was dark, in the city, and everyone was behaving... not like mature adults. :) But don't worry, we did get safely on a jeep, and arrived safely in their area. Just another reminder that angels are protecting the missionaries, right? 
Cuture shock number two: I found out that rats are secretly everwhere! This chirp-like noise that I kept hearing everywhere turned out NOT to be some cool exotic bird like I thought, but in fact, RATS. Haha, sometimes I surprise myself at how little I know about the world! 

But other than that, life is happy here in the Philippines.
 I had the unfortunate opportunity of sticking my hand in someone else's toilet this past week. Guess why? Yep, that's right. I dropped my NAMETAG in THEIR toliet. Don't worry. It was still "clean" water.... hopefully... but I definitely had a freak out session as I dived my hand in like some mad-woman. I then poured my entire bottle of alcohol over my nametag before I was satisfied. 
Yep, more fun in the Philippines.
Our lessons this week went very well. We had the opportunity of working with one of the people I baptized with Sister Williams. That was so fun. They had such a great perspective for our investigators.
Oh... darn. Times up. Sorry! Next week I'll be sure to pick a better computer. Love you all! 
-Sister Beaumont 

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