Monday, May 5, 2014

Another Week In The Beautiful Philippines!

Hello Family!
First, HAPPY BIRTHDAY NATHAN!!!!!!!!! You are now sixteen. What? You can date? Finally? And drive. Yikes. If you are anything like the driver you were when I left, watch out over there everyone! He's on the road!  :) 
Second, WE GET TO SKYPE!!!!!!!! YAY!!!!!  I love you all and I'm excited to finally skype and see your beautiful faces!!!!!!!!!! 
Yes, I did get to read that article in the Liahona about the Philippines. It was really good! 
Yes, I have actually seen a "Scouts of the Philippines" building here... but it kind of looked like it was closed. I don't know how big it is here. I haven't met any "scouts" yet. 
And, whoops. Sorry about that Breakdown movie. Um... when it was showing here it said it was PG. I think the ratings are different here. 

Okay... now to my week. 

Spiritual stuff first- 
*We taught the Restoration again at one of our longer time investigating families homes. (The eight year old in their family needed that lesson still.) It was really cool for them. We used the Restoration video and Nanay (The grandma there) kept pointing things out, like, "Oh... he's asking questions now!" or "Oh... he's going to pray now and see Christ." And when Christ and God appeared, she cried out, "The pillar of light!!!" It was so touching to see that she had understood everything well enough to predict what was going to happen!!!!!!! The spirit was really strong as she testified of the Restoration after the movie. I loved it. 
*We taught another family the Plan of Salvation this week. It was actually a really special moment for me because their baby, (about 1year) really listened as we taught. When Sister Feinga began teaching about how families can be together forever, he looked up at me with really solemn eyes. I could tell that he actually understood what we were talking about. He smiled at me, and I almost started crying. It was as if he were telling me, "Thank you for sharing this with my family." It was so real.  
*This experience is similar to the one above. We were teaching a less-active, who is really struggling with her family. Her husband doesn't want anything to do with the church anymore, (he was a member), and her sons are doing crazy things with their lives. Her husband wants their baby to be baptized into the catholic church but she knows its wrong. Anyway, as we were teaching, her baby, (about 10 months or so) was getting a little fussy, so I started to help. As I caught the baby's attention- it was like night and day. He went immediately from crying to cooing. For the rest of the lesson, he kept smiling and cooing at me. He was really trying hard to communicate something to me. It was so cute and I knew that he recognized Sister Feinga and I as missionaries. Each time I would try to look at the mother and say something, he would get fussy again. He wanted my whole attention!!!!!!! So I ended up letting Sister Feinga teach the majority of the lesson while I engaged with him. It was so, so cute. 
*Another family that we are teaching is beginning to be converted. We had a really special lesson about revelation through the spirit and I could see the light in their eyes. They are beginning to accept it!!!!!!!!!!! Hopefully, they will be baptized at the end of this transfer.

And now the stories, for my brothers.... 

This week has been a week of laughing. Really hard. Really, really hard. Because I have the funniest companion and the funniest housemates ever. 
Here's story number one.

Monday night I was in the laundry room washing my clothes. It was 9 pm- ish and Sister Johnson and Sister Ebeun were planning, while Sister Feinga was in the shower. All of the sudden, Sister Johnson gets up mid sentence and runs over to the bathroom. She looks at me with big, worried, doubled over trying to hold it. "Sister Beaumont, I have to go so bad!!!!!!" But Sister Fienga was in the shower- so she tried to go back over to planning. She made it about half-way before running back and pounding on the door, she said, "SISTER FEINGA.... I HAVE TO GO!" 
We hear this cheerful voice reply, "Okay po sister!" (In tagalog "po" is a word used to show respect to another person) And Sister Feinga shuts off the water. In less than 10 seconds, out comes Sister Feinga, wrapped up in a towel, dripping water and shampoo everywhere and in runs Sister Johnson. I don't think I have laughed that hard in a long time. Sister Feinga was so fast, like a fire drill or something. 

Saturday, we were doing our nightly planning and I was leaning forward on my chair. Suddenly, my chair fell out from under me. I had time enough to cry out, "Sister Fienga!!!!" Before suddenly I was under the table. Like, completely, under, flat on my butt. My chair fell over the desk, trapping me underneath. It was so bizzarre and we are STILL laughing about it. 

Because we are usually on the run, we eat snacks along the way. Once we stopped for some bread at a bakery on the street. After looking at all the choices, Sister Fienga ordered "dalawa" (two) pieces of some fancy looking bread. But when they hand it back, she gets TWO LOAVES. She had already paid, so there was nothing she could do. But of course, being the Christ like person she is, she handed it out to our investigators at the next lesson. I love her example so much!!!!!! 

I got called Elsa from Frozen about 6 times this week. I'm not really sure why, because here on the mission is the roughest I have ever looked in my life. But hey, I'm not complaining. And I knew Kaylee would appreciate that her older sister is her favorite Disney Character. 

Well, that's all folks!
Love you all!!!! Until Saturday!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
-Sister Beaumont 

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