Sunday, April 27, 2014

TREVOR GOT HIS CALL ?????????!!!!!!!!!!!!!

So.... crying in an internet shop.... surrounded by a bunch of teenage Filipino boys playing video games... because TREVOR GOT HIS CALL!!!!!!!!!! TO HUNGARY, BUDAPEST!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! OH MY GOODNESSSSS!!!!!!!!!! 
I can't even type right now because I'm shaking so much- from happiness of course. Wow, Hungary. I never would have guessed that but now, I'm like... yeah. Of course. Where else would he go? 
To be honest, my guess this whole week was Taiwan. Kind of close. I just can't believe he's actually going and we will actually be serving at the same time as one another. I'm so excited for you Trevor and I'm looking forward to skyping you in the coming weeks for Mother's day! 
Haha, "That's pretty cool!" 

Wow, everything I've got say doesn't hold a candle to Trevor's call... but I'll do my best.:) 

So, picture this. Running on a treadmill in a Sauna. And if you can picture that, you'll know how the weather feels here in the Philippines right now. Seriously. Saturday- THE HOTTEST DAY OF MY LIFE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 
The sun was boiling down upon us... and then it had to go and rain- which before my mission I would have thought would feel really good. Nope. No. It doesn't. Not in 100 degree weather. Because rain- it's humid. And when it's already 100% humid and 100% HOT and then you add 20% humidity from the rain.... Yikes. It's like running on treadmill in a Sauna. 
Seriously, there came a point on Saturday where I was like- "Wait, why am I still walking? Why am I still alive? Did I die? Am I zombie?" I honestly believe angels were pushing me along because I had no- absolutely NO energy. I was completely drained. I could barely think, let alone speak in lessons. IT.WAS. HOT. 
But, I'm not a zombie, I'm a missionary- so onward, ever onward. 

This week, besides the heat.... 
*We taught 5 different families. It was AWESOME!!!!!!!! I love teaching families.
*Saw a filippino look alike of John Wayne. But like for real, he had the pot belly, the squinty eyes, the furrowed eyebrows. Everything except a cowboy hat. 
*Sister Waldrom got transferred to San Pablo area so we have a new housmate- a Phillipa named Sister Ebuen. (Ebwen) 
*Our convert spoke in church this Sunday. Man, she nailed it!!!!!!!!! She's so good!!!!! I loved her talk. It was about prayer. 
*While waiting for a member at their house, we saw a bit of a movie called Breakdown. It has Kurt Russell in it. (Is that his name?) Anyway, I think you'd like it mom. Sister Feinga didn't realize it had been dubbed in Tagalog. After about 10 minutes, she turned to me and asked... "Wait... do they speak Tagalog in America?" Man, I can't wait to be that good that I don't recognize when someone is speaking Tagalog or English. 

Other stories... 
When in the Philippines, the way you get someone to answer the door is by standing at the gate and calling, "Tao po!" It means, literally, "People!" As in, "People here!" :) Well, we started calling Tao po outside of this tall gate (flat so you can't see through) and we watched as their 2 year old daughter came running out to open the door. But then... half way through she stopped and started opening a candy wrapper. It was HOT and we were tired and ready to teach a lesson and this little girl stopped to eat her candy!!!!!!!!! Sister Feinga pressed her face up against this tiny slit in the wall and started going, "Pst!!!Pst!!!!!! Open the door!" I just started laughing and laughing because here she was, all creeper like with one little eyeball pressed in between the cracks. Man, I love my companion.  

I saw my first huge spider. It was about the size of my fist. I wasn't scared of it, but it's definitely not tissue-killing material. We all decided that Sister Feinga would kill it, (This was when Sister Waldrom was still here) and she ran to get the dustpan. She smashed it against the ceiling and then as she tried to show it was dead... accidentally dropped it onto Sister Johnson's desk. She screamed and screamed. Man, it was so funny. I got a video. I hope it uploads. :) 

Lastly, I had my first experience with someone up front telling me I was wrong and spreading lies. It was one of the Jeepney drivers who started it out with saying loudly so that everyone could hear, "Are you proud that you are here spreading lies?" I told him politely that It wasn't a lie. He responded by asking how I could benefit from such a lie. I continued to try and bear a simple, short testimony in a very polite manner- all the while thinking, "Now didn't Elder Holland just talk about this?" He continued to be a little rude as he asked question after question until finally we got off. 
Anyway, I was surprised to find that his words didn't hurt me at all. Because I know it's true. 
I KNOW IT!!!!!!! 
And that really came as a testimony to me in that moment that this is the truth. That I am preaching Christ's gospel. If I wasn't, I know that I wouldn't have felt as calm about responding to him. This church is true!!!!!!!!!!! 

I'm out of time now. I love you!!! I'm so happy for Trevor!!! 
-Sister Beaumont 
P.S. I encourage you, mom and dad, to work with the missionaries. They actually need member presents as part of their numbers. But of course, it's more than the numbers. A mother in our ward whose daughter is on a mission said, "I'm so happy to work with you. It makes me so happy and I feel like I'm helping her!" 
So I challenge you, just like a good missionary does... to go out and help me do missionary work, by helping those missionaries in your ward!!!!!!!!!!! 

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