Monday, April 21, 2014

Transfer 3- End Of Taining

Hello, hello everyone! So, because I don't always have time to read your emails, I usually print them out afterward and don't catch the details until after I've emailed. Sorry if my replies are a little old. :) First off, congrats on representing our country! I'm so proud of you both! And Jessica Simpson is one too- wow, that's so cool! I'm excited to hear Trevor's call! I secretly hope that he won't get it for a while... so that I can see him open it on Mother's day when I skype with you all. I hope that Heidi Riddle is doing better now. I've been really worried for her/ praying for her this week. 
I loved the Women's Conference.Sorry I never talked about it. I cried through the whole thing and thought about how cool it would be to be watching it with you. But it was still fun to watch it here in the Philippines- especially when the Philippines came in the "I'm a child of God" video. Yes, they were singing Tagalog! All us sister missionaries were sniffling. :) 

Thanks for all of the Easter Pics. I loved them.!  And that dryer/ washer looks awesome. I think it's probably going to really weird me out when I get home. As if getting to finally use a washer again isn't going to be weird enough. :) Joke, washing by hand is not as bad as it sounds. The only downside is all the cockroaches that end up in our Laundry rooms... and the worms... and bugs in general.  

So, I think that's everything. On to this week! 

Well, I've done it! I'm done training now! Yay!!!!!!! I'm a real missionary now! I still feel like I'm barely getting the hang of things. I guess it takes a year to actually feel like you know what you doing. On the bright side, I'm really beginning to pick up the language. I can understand everything people say now and communicate pretty okay. :) I'm just happy to finally know what everyone is saying! 

So... this week we taught our new family... and one of our investigators had her baby!!!!!! We saw it when it was just a day old. So cute!!!!!!!!!! That family is so great! We now have 9 investigators at that house. Um... that's a lot. I feel like we can barely keep up with them. Stop being so awesome and referring us to everyone! Pretty soon we'll be teaching everyone in their neighborhood- I know it. And they'll have to build a church over there. 

We got some new investigators today through tracting... and the lesson was great until the prayer. Just as our investigator begins... this huge 2 liter GLASS soda bottle falls off the counter and shatters everywhere, scaring the living day-lights out of all of us.... Nice try, Satan. She still prayed and committed to reading the Book of Mormon so, all good. 

One of our potential investigators is from Nigeria and I'm just not so sure about him. He really flirted it up with me (we were on a bus), and asked me on a date twice. Then we ran into him at SM and he asked why we weren't teaching him. (um, because you're a creep.) Joke, he's a son of God and he actually has a lot of potential because his family back home are all members. We're going to give it a try... with some pretty burly priesthood as member presents or something.

But the best part of the work is the children. Seriously, I love the children here. They are so cute! Because I didn't always understand what people were saying, I started talking to the children while my companion would talk to the adults. It was really good for building relationships of trust... sometimes. I usually start talking to people on jeepneys through their children. I'll wave at their kids and ask them their names and ages... and then I'll talk to the parents. It usually works very good for getting lessons. But there was this one time where it completely backfired. This woman got very defensive and wrapped an arm around her child to separate us. Then, we ended up getting off at the same stop and following them for a while. She didn't like it and sped walked, all the while holding very tight to her son. Whoops. 
Anyways, it's not always that rough. Usually, parents love me talking to the children and some of the more supersitious parents ask me to "bless" their baby. (sign of respect where the child takes your hand and places it against their forehead.) 

This week, I had a really cute experience with the children. All of the time children will come up and hold my hand and walk with me or something. This one little girl came up and took my hand and because my companion was talking to the mother, I began to engage with the child. I started twirling her... and she giggled. She had so much fun. Each time I stopped she would make me start it up again. After a little while, she ran away... only to come back with some of her friends. She had me twirl her again, and the other children started giggling too. They all wanted turns having me twirl them. Once we started our lesson, the little girl followed us into the house and sat down next to me, placing a hand on my leg. It was so cute!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 

This week we had another FHE. It was so fun. I taught them to play simon says and red light, green light. They were all laughing so hard... one of them started coughing up spit he was laughing that hard. It was so fun. 
I love FHE's here. 

Ano pa? 

One of our members were watching The Parent Trap with Lindsay Lohan. I was like, wait. What? That's a movie from my childhood. It brought back memories of Cassi and I pretending to be Annie and Hallie all the time... good times! And some tricycle drivers were watching Mighty Joe Young at a tricycle stop. What? Where do they get these movies?????? 

Anyway, I think that's all for this week. I love you so much family! Anxiously waiting for May! (Mothers day.)
Love you!

-Sister Beaumont

This is the family that we are teaching right now. This was from last week, when we were travelling to General Conf.

A woman in our ward did the other companionships make up- filippino style. It was so intense. We just kept laughing and laughing. 
Sister Johnson was supposed to be Elsa. Her hair was pretty good- but... her face... she kind of looks like a brat doll or something. (We all thought it was perfect here at home, I think the sister missionaries just aren't used to wearing very much makeup in the Philippines)

Another pic of them with their make-up. They were purposely being sassy. :) 

Playing simon says 
                                                    (I'm it) 

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