Monday, April 7, 2014

Another Week Passes By

Well, it's officially been 10 weeks here in the Philippines. This coming week I will hit my five month mark (including MTC time.) Wow. Where did that come from? I feel like it's only been a month at best. Time- it's really speeding up. I'm not sure I like that. 
Well, due popular demand (aka all my brothers asking twice...), I am going to answer the question..."Have I seen a snake here in the Philippines?" 
Yes....but it was dead and flat against the road. I still screamed and jumped back. Same old, same old. Don't worry brothers. I'm sure a big, scary one will cross my path one day and you'll definitely hear about it when it does. But speaking of things crossing my path- a frog scared me half to death yesterday. There it was, lurking creepily in the dark, waiting for us to approach our member's house. And as soon as my foot touched that porch- "RIBBETTT!!!!" It jumped into view and I screamed bloody murder. He was very crafty for a frog. 
This week was April Fools. I couldn't let it pass without doing something- It only comes once a year after all. We decided that Sister Feinga would hide in the bathroom and wait behind the curtain to scare the first victim who tried to use the CR after coming home... So it was a little old school- but we're missionaries. I hid in the Laundry Room to listen to the screaming. Well, the other sisters came home.... and didn't use the bathroom. It got to be like, 45 minutes... and we were still sitting there, hot, sweaty, and ready to just come out and give ourselves up. Finally, I heard Sister Johnson coming toward us.... I listened anxiously for the scream---- and instead, was startled by her opening the laundry room. Well, our plan didn't work exactly the way we wanted, but the effect was the same. I scared her so bad she couldn't scream. She opened her mouth but no sound came out. Finally she sputtered, "What are you doing in here?! Why are you here?!" I guess I looked pretty scary. A person just standing in the dark, staring back at her. Anyway, it was really funny and I wish I could have recorded it for you to see. 
And then our fan decided to have an April Fools joke of its own. Because there is rarely a place that has air conditioner, everyone uses fans. We have two in our room because it gets SO HOT upstairs while we are studying. Anyway, it was running fine as the sun hid behind the clouds- and then at the very moment that the sun emerged, it died. I watched it give it's last spurt of life before it slowed to a final, pathetic, stop. I wanted to cry right then and there. That fan has always been there for me when I needed it, and now it's gone. 
Anyway, it's been extra extra hot these last few days without it. Darn.
BUT.... Despite dead snakes, creepy frogs, failed pranks, and broken fans.... the work was good this week. We got another investigator family to teach and they actually came to church this Sunday! Yay!
Our other family investigators are still going strong. We've caught them reading the Book of Mormon several times before lessons and I always want to cry right then and there! It's one of the best things- seeing an investigator read the Book of Mormon. They are just as wonderful as last week, if not better! I feel so fortunate to be able to teach them! 
Love you all, 
Sister Beaumont 

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