Monday, May 18, 2015

One of the best weeks I have had!

This week was one of the best weeks I've had since I started my mission! I really mean it! It felt like miracles were just falling out of heaven and into our laps! We saw some really great success and it made me so excited to be a missionary that I even thought several times about extending. If mom and dad weren't going to pick me up, I think I would! So here's what happened! 

Our miracles came first from two investigators being prepared for baptism They will be baptized on June 6th! They are so excited to be baptized and they are so active in the church! I am so happy each time I see them. They are 11 and 12 and are part member children, but the mother is finally active again and able to support her children in their baptism. They are far in their book of mormon reading and are so cute! I love teaching them.
Another miracle- We have a really great investigator that just took a big leap toward baptism! She needs to be married before she can be baptized, but she has no money to be married and has been taught for a 1year and half with no success because their income is really low. The thing is though, she is really active in church and is clear in 3rd Nephi 15 in her reading of the Book of Mormon. She has a really strong testimony and even told us that she is going to share her testimony on fast sunday. We really want to help her get baptized, so we put our heads together this week and prayed to see what was needed. We were able to talk to president about it, who suggested that we could hire her to do our laundry and then pay her, so that she could earn the money. (She has no job and all their income from her boyfriend goes to their children and food.) When we told her about she positively lit up. Seriously, she was beaming! It was so cool for us to see the light in her face that came from her faith and desire. She was so excited to have a way to gain the money. If all goes well, she might be able to be married in late June!  I'm excited for her! 
But my favorite miracle came from an oym that we contacted last week. On our first visit, she was very friendly and interested and requested that we come back when her whole family was available, so that they could be taught as a family. We said, "PERFECT!!!!" And came back this week to see her, her husband, her daughter, her daughters husband, her daughter's child, and her best friend all waiting for us. It was a really great lesson and the spirit really guided us to know how to share the message of the restoration. At the end of the lesson, before we could even say it, the asked if we had a book of mormon for them to read. They also committed themselves to attending church and the friend told us, "We won't try, we will come!" And come they did! The best friend and the husband came, (so both of the priesthood holders!) and they really really enjoyed church. They asked a lot of questions and even cried in Sacrament meeting. They told us that the feeling in the sacrament was so strong and they felt close to the savior. They were smiling so wide and said that they were so happy that they came to church. Then in gospel principles, at the end of the class the best friend asked if he would be able to be baptized into our church!!!!!!!!!  They are just so potential and we have found some really golden investigators here! I am so excited to go back and teach them this week and see what happens! 

Now for the funny corner this week in our apartment. I seriously love my companionship so much right now. We have so much fun together and we had some pretty great one liners this week happen. It's just too much fun to be companions with so many different cultures. We have too much to joke about! And I know how much my brothers have missed getting our funny moments. So here it is. 

First off, Sister Vaitohi, my Tongan companion was chopping up cabbage. Sister Pablo told her that she was chopping it wrong and then they started throwing comments back and forth, until Sister Pablo called her Mahana. Sister Vaitohi picked up the knife and said, " You better be careful. You won't like Mahana when she's angry!" It was so dang funny! 

When we were walking home in the dark one night, we passed by this little dog that started barking like crazy. He started chasing us and Sister Vaitohi turned around and shouted at him, "You! Shut your face, huh?!" The dog actually got scared and started whimpering and running the other way. She's so funny! 

Sister Pablo and I were sitting at our desks when a filippino bee wandered in.The bees here are all black and about three times bigger than the ones at home. It flew up by my face and we swatted it away until it went outside. I then asked her if they would sting here in the Philippines. She said, "Don't they have bees in America?" I replied, "Yes, but they aren't black. She then asked, "What color are they? White?" If you don't get that joke, it's because everyone in the US is white and everyone in the Philippines is dark. It was really funny. 

Sister Pablo was trying to take a selfy next to this beautiful lake earlier, and she started to slip. When I tried to catch her, I ended up catching her head only. It was really awkward because if I let go, i would drop her in the lake, but It was a little uncomfortable just holding her head. I had to lift her back up to her feet, holding just her head. It was so awkward. 

In the Philippines, the word dog is Aso and the word snake is Ahas. They are fairly similar and when you are new in the mission, you can confuse the two. We were walking along that same lake from the story above, getting further and further into the jungle, when someone shouted out to us, "Be careful! there are really poisonous and  big ahas there!" Sister Pablo and I got really big eyes, but Sister Vaitohi just laughed. "Big dogs? Poisonous? What is he talking about?" She turned to us and saw our faces. "What? are you scared of dogs?" "Not dog, snake!" I told her. "Ahas is Snake!" She screamed and started running the way we had come. She kept repeating as she ran, "Not dog, snake! Not dog, snake!" It was so funny! 

Well, that's all for this week. I'm sure I'll have more for next weeks email because these two are so funny! 
Anyway I wish I could keep writing, we have so many! But time is almost up! 
I love you all! 
Miracles are out there! Just have a heart of desire and eyes of faith and you will see how much God's hand is in our lives! 


Sister Beaumont 

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