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Yet another lake right by one of our investigators house

Sister Maagad 

Sister Maagad getting fruit


Sister Maagad dared me to do it

I finally got to see the end of a rainbow for the first time in my life!
Dear Everyone!! 
Thank you for all the letters, updates, and emails! I love receiving them! I'm really enjoying hearing the news from back home... 
By the way mom, If it makes you feel better about the whole year left, Sister Maagad pointed out to me that I only have 51 weeks left in the mission field. What?! Does that sound short to you? It does to me!!!!!!!!!!!!

Well, Isaac asked me if I've seen any snakes. I didn't personally see one... but Sister Maagad did! We were walking home, five feet from our door when suddenly she whispered, "Sister Beaumont.... don't move." Of course, when someone whispers it in the creepy voice she did, your going to move. And instinct told me it was a snake. So I bolted to our gate and jumped on the platform. Once I felt save, I asked, "What is it?" 
"A cobra!" She said.  
No way. No way. No way. There was a flippin' cobra 10 feet from me! I freaked out, just like you all know I would. 
"Sister Maagad, come here right now and unlock this gate!!!!!" I demanded, backing up as much a possible. 
"No, I want to see it... It just fanned it's head... wait, I'm going to look...." 
Yes, that's how it went down. As soon as I she tossed those keys, I unlocked the door and ran inside. I didn't go back out for the rest of the night. It was really tramatic.... BUT It taught me a very valuable lesson. Almost everyday, I say a prayer as we walk through the jungles that I WILL NOT see a snake. And now I have a testament that Heavenly Father answers our prayers because even though a cobra was only ten feet away, I didn't see it!!!!!!!!!!! 

On a more serious note, we taught our investigator Sister Peters about temples and eternal family. It was so beautiful to see her eyes light up when she truly understood, my family can be eternal. I was truly touched. And I thought about how lucky I am to be born into a family that is already eternal! Truly, what a wonderful, priceless, gift you have given us Mom and Dad! We will be together for eternity! Thank you! 

We found an interesting investigator this week. I'm already confident that she maybe one of the most challenging investigators I will ever teach. She is Sister C. and she is a "Faith Healer." She is also a strong idol worshipper and even believes that her idols move around in the night and that they speak to her in dreams. Yikes. And, to make it even more interesting, she was dropped by missionaries twice. At this point, I'm sure you are asking, "Why are you teaching her?" 
We didn't know who she was and as we were tracting around, we tracted into her house. She was a little reluctant at first, but then finally let us in. Sister Maagad noticed all the idols in her home and started thinking, "Wait a minute..." Because I was new, I didn't know anything about her. 
As we taught her, she opened up and Sister Maagad realized who she was and that she had been dropped already. I think we might have dropped her as well after that first lesson, if she hadn't told us about her dream. (By the way, having spiritual dreams are really common here.) She told us that she had a dream that Christ beckoned her to the waters, (she lives right next to a lake) and asked her to baptized. She told him to wait, and went back inside. As she went inside, she saw all her idols, along with people gambling and doing other worldly things. She hurried back outside to be baptized, but Christ was gone. 
She told us in a whispered voice, "It really bothered me. I missed my opportunity. I don't want to miss my opportunity. I want to be baptized." We taught her about the Nature of God, all the while praying really hard. She told us, "I'm going to pray. If God wants me to remove my idols and be baptized, I will." 
Wow! I can't tell you how hard we were praying for an answer like that. What a miracle! 

Well, before I wrap up... I want to tell you a quick funny story. A few days ago, it started raining really, really hard. We had just come home from District meeting and so, we shrugged and went out with our umbrellas. We were standing out there, enjoying the pelting rain around us... (Sister Vaka and I were sharing an umbrella) when suddenly, Sister Maagad  reached over and flipped over our umbrella. (My companion has a playful spirit) Sister Vaka and I just looked at each other for a few seconds, confused at why we were suddenly getting drenched. Then, in unison, we slowly looked up and realized our umbrella had closed. We screamed and ran back inside, laughing. It was seriously like a cartoon moment. We had the classic comical reaction of , "Wait, what just happened?" 

Well, I love you! I pray for you all each day and I hope that you are all well! 

-Sister Beaumont 

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