Monday, June 30, 2014

A New Mission President!

Hello, hello family! 
This week has been insane! There have been so many changes, so many experiences, and some challenges that have made us run hard to keep up with our schedules! But in case you think this week was a bad one from that last sentence, it was quite the opposite! Isn't it strange? I feel like the more busy you are as a missionary, the more that you enjoy every day, every moment- hard times too! 

So... as far as Changes....
1.We have a new Mission President now! President Mangum! I haven't met him yet, but we get to meet him this upcoming Thursday and we are so excited! 
2.We are TRANSFERRED. It was an emergency pull out. All the Sisters in our apartment are transferred to the same new area. So I'll have the same companion and roommates, just new location. We are going to a Elder's apartment and we are anxious to see the state of our new living environment... :) But we hear the ward is really great! My new area is in Lipa Zone and we leave later today. 

As far as Challenges....
1. We were instructed not to tell anyone in our ward that we were transferring. So we have been saying our goodbyes "undercover." I feel like the Van Trapp family, sneaking off to Austria!  It's been really hard to say goodbye to some our members and investigators because we had to act normal, like we would see them next week. Sister Peters was especially hard! Even though I've only been here for 3 weeks, I love her so much! 
2. Because we are transferring we've been going crazy cleaning, teaching, and packing. I feel that I'm learning the life-skill of not panicking when everything hits you at once. On top of packing, cleaning, teaching our shower broke (meaning bucket showers this whole week), our toilet really had it with us and it's been a struggle to flush anything, a mirror in our apartment randomly fell and shattered everywhere, our freezer is slowing down and it's been hard to keep things cool or frozen, AND we ran out of gas for our stove. Gah! It reminded me of when we were renovating our house and I just told myself that there are probably worse times to come when I'm a parent, haha!    

And as far as Experiences....
1. I fell asleep in our lesson with Sister Peters. It was really hot this week and we had been punted all afternoon, on top of everything happening in the above paragraph. I was trying so hard to stay awake, first trying to keep both eyes open and then just one... when suddenly, I was dreaming. I dozed off for about 5 or so minutes and woke up to Sister Peters and Sister Maagad laughing really hard at me. 
2. We went to a very-easy-to-offend investigator's house this week. When you read that statement about her, you can imagine I've got a good story coming. :) She always makes food for us. (Actually, this was my first time teaching her, but Sister Maagad told me that she does.) And you have to eat it, ALL OF IT, or she will lecture you on being respectful. We went in, not thinking about my allergies to wheat. And of course, she sets down a big bowl of Pasta soup and some crackers. I looked at Sister Maagad and shook my head, like, "I can't!" She looked at me with big eyes and whispered desperately, "Just this once. We'll pray hard for you! You have to do it!" So we sat down and prayed. I know Heavenly Father blessed us with revelation, because immediately after the prayer, Sister Maagad leaned across the table and whispered, "When she's not looking, give me all your pasta." While we ate our investigator wandered in and out of the room, doing little chores. Whenever her back was to us, I dumped spoonful after spoonful of pasta noodles into her bowl. Each time our investigator looked back to us, we would innocently pretend to eat it. Sister Maagad and I were laughing toward the end, especially because her bowl was so full of noodles, it had turned into pasta instead of soup. And because she was trying to eat it quickly so it wouldn't look I had given her extra noodles, she literally started sweating big drops down her face. Thankfully, our investigator never caught us. That's the power of prayer, everyone. 
3. This is a story about how amazing my companion is and how dedicated to the work she is! 
This Wednesday, after eating out at District Meeting, Sister Maagad came home feeling really sick. She tried to start Companion Study with me.... but ended up running from the room and to the bathroom to throw up. She threw up 6 times in about 3 hours. Poor thing! BUT.... she insisted, INSISTED, on going to our last appointment. She promised me that the feeling was gone and it was probably just food poison. So, off we went to our lesson, all the while I kept asking, "Are you sure?" She would always reply, "Opo. Wala na!" (Meaning, yes, it's gone.)  Towards the end, I noticed that she was not really not okay. I could tell that she was swallowing back her vomit. I immediately began to end the lesson so that we could hurry home. But she interrupted me and after swallowing down some more vomit, asked, "Brother, have you prayed  to know if this is true?" Our investigator got really quiet and then said "I did this morning. I know it is true." I was so amazed with my companion. Had I finished the lesson, we would have never found out that our investigator received an answer. Because she cares more about the people she serves that herself, we learned that our investigator knows it's true! I was so proud of her! What a wonderful missionary!  
4. We taught a really fun, memorable FHE with one of our part member families this week. (I wrote about them before. They have 5 daughters.) We started out in one room and pretended like we were in the pre-existence. We told them that they had the opportunity to go to earth and have a body. We taught them that they would have their family to guide them and support them while on earth. Then one by one, starting with the parents down to the youngest, we sent each family member to "earth". (The next room.) Once on earth, we taught them that they needed to accept the gospel of Jesus Christ and endure to the end. They all committed to being baptized and following Christ. Then we taught that after this life, we will all die. One by one, starting with the oldest to youngest again, we sent everyone back to the room we had come from. We then went back and said, "Now we are all together again in Heaven." We talked about how happy they were to be together again in Heaven. It was such a powerful way to introduce the plan of salvation and really drive home the possibility of living together forever! 
5. Sister Peters received an answer this week. I am so grateful that I was apart of her life and that I was able to witness the light and joy in her eyes as she told us, "I know it's true Sisters. God did answer my prayer." I love, love being a missionary!!!!!!!!! 

Well, I love you all! I have to go now! 
-Sister Beaumont

PS. I accidentely packed my camera and forgot to bring it with me here! Sorry, I'll send you all the pictures of this week in my next email! 
Also, Sister Maagad worked for someone at a call center from Orem, Utah. His name is Chad Bennett. The name sounded familiar to me and I remember you saying that you knew someone who owned a call center here. Is that him?

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