Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Happy Father's Day

Saying farewell to my Mission President and his wife

I'm really, really, really sorry! This is going to be an extremely short email! I've completely run out of time. I was emailing my Mission President a longer, farewell email and lost tract of time! (He leaves in 2 weeks and we get the new mission President, President Magnum.)
Also, the computer won't accept my memory card so I'll have to send them next week. Sorry! 

First off though, HAPPY FATHER'S DAY! I wish that I could skype on Father's day and Mother's day! Darn it! But I love you so, so much dad. I'm so grateful for everything you've taught me and how you have prepared me to serve this mission. Thank you for being a strong priesthood holder that I could have and rely on growing up, and thank you for your strong, strong testimony of this gospel which gave me the desire to gain the same! 

Well, because our mission president is leaving, we had our last Zone Conference with him. It was 10 hrs long. Crazy! We did get two breaks and lunch, so don't worry. But it was so amazing! He taught the doctrine of Christ. He really understands the doctrine of the Atonement and it was so powerful for me. He is an amazing speaker. I feel like I just couldn't learn enough from him! Six months was too short to have him as a mission president! But at the same time, I'm so excited to see our new mission president and what wonderful changes and things that he can teach us. His homecoming is in two weeks... in Arizona... if you want to go... :) 
He had us come up one by one afterward, and get one last hug goodbye. That was so hard! We were all crying! I love them so much and I will miss there spirits, wisdom, and leadership in this mission. 

By the way, speaking of six weeks... I know that you were asking about this mom. I feel like 1 year left is definitely not enough time. I can't believe I'm already here at the six month mark. What happened? I still can't speak Tagalog!!!!!!!!!!!! Haha, but I feel like I have changed more in these last 6 months than I have in my entire lifetime. I have learned so much. I am happy to be here and sad that it is just a year,  because I know it will go by all to fast. 

This week I was told a really funny story by one of our investigators. He was talking about his friend, who was doing a job application in English. He's not very good at English, which proved to be a big problem. When he got to the question SINGLE? He thought it was referring to his motorcycle, as in "Single, or Sidecar." So he put Sidecar. He failed. :) 

The area is a little harder here than in Batangas. We don't have many investigators, but the ones we do are really wonderful and I love them so much. One is Sister Peters (Name is changed). She is ready to be baptized, and so faithful and excited. Her only fall back is that she needs to come to church enough times. It's hard for her because her husband is catholic and not very supportive or interested, but she was able to attend this last Sunday. She expressed a strong desire to be sealed in the temple. I'm so happy for her! 

We started teaching a new investigator yesterday, that comes from a very modest circumstance. She lives in a one room home, with four tarp walls and bamboo sticks holding up her house. She has two young children and little to provide for them. As we taught yesterday, she pulled out a very worn copy of the Book of Mormon, given to her by some missionaries last year. The children were being very disruptive and so I handed them Jesus Christ stickers to help them be quiet. Her daughter got bored with it after a while and I noticed that the mother picked it up and started smoothing out over the cover of her Book of Mormon. As she did, I could see the love and admiration that she had for the savior. I recognized that from her poor circumstance, she had the strong desire to keep this 1 inch sticker, that hardly stuck anymore anyway, just to have a picture of Christ. It brought tears to my heart and I gave her a new one, that would stick better. I was overwhelmed with the joy that she had in the simplicity of that single sticker. It truly touched my heart.

Love you! 
Sister Beaumont

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