Monday, July 7, 2014

Something New, Something Old....

First of all, congratulations to my family for all the wonderful news! I loved reading everyone's emails this week and cried multiple times as I read about Canyon's baptism, Alicia's pregnancy, and Zuri's baby blessing! And of course, I cried buckets of tears as I read about my brother receiving his endowment. I'm so proud of him and I know he is doing great things with his life. 
Second, I can use dropbox again! So feel free to upload those beautiful pictures of everyone! And I'm putting my pictures there as well. 

Well, I guess I can't get off the hook that easy... :)
We were emergency transferred because of a ... creeper that kept hanging around our apartment. Don't worry, we were all safe, no harm. Mostly we just heard him hitting against the door or walking on the roof or saw him lurking around in the shadows... (Haha, I can just picture the panic on your face Mom. Don't worry, all is well and we are SAFE!) We think he was probably just messing with us, but because it's been happening to other missionaries that have stayed there before, as well as us we were transferred and the Elders got our area.
Now, speaking of Elders. I really hope I never have to transfer into an elder's apartment ever again. Actually, they did their best to clean it and it was really clean and ready for us... my problem is more with the apartment itself. The toilet doesn't know it's a toilet and it should flush.... we have a "bucket" toilet and it's nearly impossible to flush that thing! We have to dump bucket after bucket just to flush down #1. Haha, yes. It's been funny at least as we hear whoevers in the bathroom crying out in anger as they pour more and more water down the bowl with no success. The other day a cockroach fell in there and it took me TEN MINUTES, LITERALLY, to flush the little creature.The shower is also a bucket shower, but it isn't as bad as in my other apartment because the water is 10 degrees warmer. 
The other big problem is the bug, gecko, and every other living creature 7 inches or less crawling around inside. I believe that we moved into an ant hill because there are so, so, so many ants!!!!!! 

But it turns out that I needed to learn a very valuable lesson. Contentment. This week for independence day, the sister's who live with me in my apartment decided to watch pioneer movies after our work. (We have the Doctrine and Covenants movie in our apartment.) We watched Only a Stonecutter and Treasure in Heaven. As we watched those movies, I was so inspired and touched by their faith and perseverance in following the Lord. And then, as we watched... I realized... they didn't have a toilet. They didn't have a bucket shower, running water, and they slept on ant hills. I felt very selfish for feeling so negative about our apartment. I especially felt a terrible guilt weigh in my heart as I realized that Heavenly Father knew that I was going to come to this area, knew that there were ants and geckos and a broken toilet in the apartment, and He knew that those things didn't matter. Because I didn't come here to live in a fancy apartment with a flushing toilet, I came here to be OUT and SERVING. I came here to think about others and their trials and needs, not my WANTS. I realized that the pioneers were so strong because they didn't complain. They pressed forward with a hope in Christ. And if they can bear the mountains of trials that were placed upon their backs, surely I can bear a bucket toilet and some ants. Through their examples, I have made a goal to myself to complain less and love more. To focus outward, instead of inward... because toilets don't matter in the long run, but these people do! 

Well, speaking of people... we have been meeting a lot of new faces this week because Sister Maagad and I are opening the area! Yikes!   I really had no idea what that meant until this week. It means NOBODY in your area book.(There were only two elders in the area before and now there's four of us, so the area has been expanded.) Haha, it's been really adventurous as we have been going around to our members trying to get to know everyone and find investigators. BUT, I LOVE THIS WARD!!!!!!!!!!!!!! The people are so happy and so friendly. The ward actually is referred to as the "Friendly Ward." And we have a wonderful, wonderful bishop. He is so loving and so aware of his duty and the duty of the ward. I am so happy here in this area!!!!!!!!!!!! 

We had zone conference with our new mission president this week! I am so happy that we finally got to meet him! As you can imagine, us missionaries have been anxiously awaiting the day. He's so great and I already love him and look forward to the things that I will learn from him! 

As far as funny stories go, we got locked out this week because we all went to the tindahan, (a little store that someone has outside their house. They sell food that they bought at the store. Tindahans are everywhere here!) and forgot to bring our key. Sister Maagad tried to break in with the neighbor's I.D. card and knife, with no success. The mission office was in a zone conference, so we weren't able to call anyone to help us. Finally, the neighbor called a particularly agile old man from the street to climb up the fire escape, (picture climbing a palm tree) and go inside OUR apartment and unlock it. Before we could say, "Um... actually, that's not allowed, or safe..." He did it. Haha, don't worry, we later found out he works for the city hall so all is well and still safe in our new area. And at last we were able to get inside! 

Also, today was zone p-day and we played volleyball at the park for our activity. As it turns out, that really, really isn't my sport. Only ten minutes after play, I was hit in the eye with a particularly hard serve. (It doesn't help that I was talking to someone off court during play). I don't have a broken nose or anything, don't worry. But I do have a puffy and bruised eye. It's not quite a black eye and it doesn't hurt at all now. It's just a little swollen around the eyelids is all. But grabi! (Wow!) That sport will be the death of me! 

Well, email time has come to an end. Thank you again for your kind emails! 
I love you all! 
Sister Beaumont 

Troy and Emilee had a special experience Saturday and realized it during their exchange of emails.  From Dad to Emilee:

I don't know if this is anything but I got an impression while the temple president was talking to the missionaries getting their endowments. See if you can figure the time frame out.  It was about 9:30am our time. I felt at that moment that you were praying for your brother and had your thoughts with him. I am now wondering what you were doing at that time. Let me know if you can figure it out.

Emilee to Dad:
Thank you dad for you emails! I love you! 
Well, you are right! I was in fact, at that very moment praying for you and Trevor. We had accidentally stayed up late watching Joseph Smith movie together. After the movie, we realized it was late and immediately went to bed. As I was preparing to pray, I remembered that Trevor was getting his endowments out. I pondered it and truly felt that he was at the temple at that moment... I guess he was! I prayed that he would have the spirit with him and I especially prayed that he would feel my love for him and that he would know I was thinking of him on his special day and I thanked Heavenly Father for such a wonderful brother! I guess Heavenly Father sent my prayers to the wrong person, haha. Okay joking, I'm so happy that my prayer was heard and that you felt my love during his endowment. 
Mahal Kita, tatay! 
(I love you dad!)
Sister Beaumont 
This family is the family that we taught the Word of Wisdom and Eternal Families to. I think someone forgot to mention they could smile, haha. 

The woman on the couch is Sister Peters. I miss her so much! 

The fruit is mangosteen and it's one of my favorites. It's so, so delicious! 

The polynesian girl is Sister Vaka. Sister Williams also trained her so we are "Sisters' on the mission. I love her so much and we have too much fun together! 

I got to see Sister Feinga at Zone Conference, which was really fun! 

The family at night is the woman who tried to keep the Christ sticker. I think someone forgot to tell her to smile too. :) 

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