Thursday, July 31, 2014

Hello Family

The spider was as big as my fist and pretty reluctant to die. As you can expect, I was the only one who dared get close enough to measure his size with my hand. :) 
The tree and post are more damage photos from last weeks typhoon.
The dog is something that I thought Kaylee and Matt might appreciate. He fell asleep in my shoes, after fondling them with his face and caressing it with his paws. He really liked the feel of the leather and was really reluctant to get out when it came time to leave the home we were teaching at. 

The woman in yellow was Sister Peter's fellow-shipper and a really good friend of ours.
The woman in white standing with me and Sis. Maagad is Sister Peters, our old investigator who was baptized. 
The food is from Chowking, a famous chain food restaurant here.
The drink is the most popular and famous Philippino dessert, Halo-Halo. It has coconut, ice cream, ice, evaporated milk, leche flan (sometimes) jack fruit, beans, and gelatin balls. Masarap! :) 
So... why didn't anyone write me about Trevor leaving? :( Joke lang... I don't really mind. Just make sure to include it in your next email! I'm interested on how he felt and what is was like and so forth... :) Well, another busy week! 
We had interviews with our mission president, zone meeting, and a baptism to attend in another area. It's been a lot of running around this week, and a lot of traveling... Whew, I hope this week is a little more close to home base. I'm starting to miss my area, haha! 
Zone meeting was really great! We learned about some interesting changes as far as missionary work, released by the First Presidency! I also loved hearing some of the changes that our Mission President is making. It is fun to see new insights from him!
We actually didn't have the opportunity to do our interviews because when we got there, we were already running late for the baptism. So we had to schedule it again for this week and rush as fast as we could to San Pablo. And then, we were too late to actually see the baptism itself, but we were able to congratulate her! Sister Peters was the baptism, p.s. 

So, highlights for this week...
We are teaching a cute 8 year old. She is so adorable and has committed to baptism now. She has the biggest smile and I just love her to pieces! 
When we teach her, she just wears this adorable smile the whole lesson. I love it! 

We also had a really wonderful experience with on of our new investigators. He testified to us that he knew it was true. He told us that many missionaries have visited their home, but he always hid from them. After a while, missionaries stopped coming. When they did, he was really worried about his salvation. He began praying that Heavenly Father would send missionaries again, from the TRUE church. He promised that when he did, he would accept them.  Well, we were sent! And then he received a copy of the Book of Mormon, and by the second lesson he has prayed and received a witness. How cool! The story is much cooler, but time is up! I'll tell you more next week! 

Love you all! 
-Sister Beaumont

Note From mom-  This is the shortest letter she has sent.  I think she spent her time writing her brother this week who just entered the MTC as a new missionary.  :-)

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