Tuesday, August 5, 2014

The End of Another Wonderful Week

Emilee's Surprise Birthday Party
Thank you to the wonderful people who did this for her!
The blindfold came from my "surprise" birthday party at a members house. They initiated me in the "Booga club", which they've done to all the missionaries in Sto Tomas in the past. Basically, it was dark, and they take off my blindfold and then have me follow the "Booga queen", who does all these motions. Little did I know I was wiping charcoal on my face. Haha. Filipino's. 
The birthday pictures of course. My cake is leche flan. Anna was my cake topping. 

The paintings are of two down syndrome boys in the ward, born to the same family. They are the cutest! 
Weeks like this past one are the reason that I love being a missionary! There have been so many wonderful, life changing experiences that I don't know if I can even write them all! 

First of all, the work. We have received some wonderful new investigators with some really great potential this week. Many of them are friends of the members that were referred to us. I am so grateful for this ward! They are so hardworking and really take time for missionary work. Their efforts are really reaping some wonderful rewards in our Harvest of Sto. Tomas!
One such harvest is the investigator I began talking about last week. 
Here's what I wrote. 
We also had a really wonderful experience with on of our new investigators. He testified to us that he knew it was true. He told us that many missionaries have visited their home, but he always hid from them. After a while, missionaries stopped coming. When they did, he was really worried about his salvation. He began praying that Heavenly Father would send missionaries again, from the TRUE church. He promised that when he did, he would accept them.  Well, we were sent! And then he received a copy of the Book of Mormon, and by the second lesson he has prayed and received a witness. 
Well, he is so awesome! He is anxious to learn and to receive the gospel. It's so amazing to me that people can be so prepared and ready for you!

Another great progressing investigator is from a part member family. It is the father of this family, and everyone but him is a member.

For a very long time, missionaries have been going to his home, but unfortunately it wasn't his time. When we started teaching him, we were certain that we were part of the planting and not harvesting process as well, because he seemed a little distant to us. This week, we focused all our efforts and prayers on his behalf. We had a really amazing FHE with him and his family on Monday and we could see a change in his countenance. When he gave the closing remarks at FHE, he testified of the importance of a faith-united family. We could see that this was truly his desire. On Sunday, we fasted and prayed that he would attend church. (even though he had told us he wouldn't be able to) Suddenly, in the middle of Sunday School, in he walks- attending church for the first time in his life! He stayed the whole time. His children got up and bore testimony of how wonderful it was to have their father there. My favorite thing they said, "This is the best Sunday because Daddy came to church." 
I was so touched by that. This is what missionary work is all about! 

Well, I knew I would run out of time before I could tell you everything! Darn it! 
I'll have to catch up on it all next week. 
Love you! 
-Sister Beaumont 

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