Sunday, August 17, 2014

8 Months in the Field

Sorry mom had another busy week at home and am finally posting last weeks letter just as I get this weeks letter which was not much so that worked out well :-)  I guess. 

Hello my dear family! I love hearing about the news from back home each week and I am happy about all the good experiences you are having! 

Well, I can always rely on my mother to tell me when my letters are getting a tad short. Thanks mom! :) I'll do my very best to make this one a bit longer, haha. And yes, it is because I have been reading Trevor's emails. 

Just for the interest of news: This week I'll hit my year mark from the MTC and my 8 month mark in the field. Crazy how time is passing! I have really spent time this week pondering the missionary I want to be when I go home and how I can get there. 

This week was a really great week for us. We were able to find many new investigators, (thanks to the help of many members who referred friends) and we are excited to see where that goes. As far as last week, I told you that there were some really great experiences that I wanted to catch up on  this week. Well, here they are. 
1.On August 1st, I had my first interview with my new mission president. The best day to have it, haha! I learned so much from him and his wisdom! I hope that I can apply the things I have learned into everyday work. 

2. On Sunday we had a missionary focused fireside in which our ward invited our mission president to speak. (I got to see president twice in one week! Yay!) His talk was really inspired for our ward and we loved it. We had a musical number, (Brightly Beams our Father's mercy) In the which I played the piano! Wow, I feel like I'm definitely out of practice. It was a little rough practicing, but I hope it went well in the performance. 

Okay, Now for this week. 
The father from the part member family is doing great still. He told us that he wanted us read the entire Book of Mormon before he is baptized. He wants to really know it is true and I love that about him. Even though he wasn't able to make it to church this week, we have seen some wonderful progress in his life and we are anxious and excited for him to grow in the Gospel. His children told us that this week, when his drinking buddies came by, he told them no! For the first time! We are overjoyed, especially because he hasn't even learned the Word of Wisdom yet.

The investigator who has received an answer is doing really great. He is so anxious to learn each time we come and asks many inspired questions. He has copies of Faith in Christ and The Restoration that he watches often. I love it! 

We have another investigator that is moving up in the progressing area. We'll call her Jane. We watched the Restoration with Jane  this week and she told us that she felt the spirit really strong. She committed to being baptized and told us that her testimony is "Growing". We are so happy for her! 

So... I don't think I've ever shared a personal experience with you from my personal study, but this week I have one! 
This week in my personal study, as I was about to start into the book of Mosiah, (I'm reading it straight through,) I suddenly got a very strong impression to get a new Book of Mormon from our supplies and start reading over again, even though I had only started a few weeks ago. I closed my book, a little confused and followed the prompting. When I had my new Book of Mormon, I was prompted that as I read, I should mark whenever it talks of Christ in one color, whenever it talks of the Holy Ghost in another, and whenever it talks of Heavenly Father in another color too. This week I have been doing that everyday in my personal study and I have noticed the huge difference it has made in my study and testimony. I have been praying lately to understand better how the Book of Mormon is the keystone of our religion and how it testifies of Christ. As I have read my personal study this way, I have really come to see that the Book of Mormon is all about Christ! My testimony has soared in just these few days. Every page, and almost every column testifies that He is our Lord and Master. It has been an answer to my prayer and I'm excited each day to read and see the witnesses of the Savior. I recommend doing it really. You will see that the scriptures are not just stories, they are testimonies! Testimonies that Christ is the Redeemer. 

Well, That's all folks. I hope it was long enough! 
Mahal na mahal ko kayo! Ingat lahat! 
-Sister Beaumont 

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