Monday, July 21, 2014

Opening A New Area

Dear Family, 

Emailing you again? What is this? I just emailed you all! This week went by so, so fast! Next week is transfer week. We are all anxious to see who amongst us will transfer, especially because we all JUST transferred. I don't feel like I will transfer, but I do feel that it's 50/50 that I'll get a new companion. I hope not!  I love Sister Maagad so much! She is so much fun and a wonderful teacher. I feel like I haven't learned enough from her yet. 

This week we were able to spend a lot more time street contacting and trying to receive more investigators. We have many potentials that we are hoping to teach this week. We have also been getting to know all the members and part member families- and the more I tract around this ward, the more I fall in love with them. I truly have a wonderful ward here in St. Tomas. They are so focused on fellow shipping and even on missionary work- it's great! 

And, I feel that I'm finally to the point where I understand everyone! Yay! I can communicate naturally, instead of stuttering out what I want to say... (although, that does still happen from time to time.) It's weird because I feel like there are sometimes where I don't know if I'm speaking English or Tagalog while I'm talking. Or when other people talk to me even. And I can't say two sentences in English without throwing in a few tagalog words. My companion always laughs at me for that. :) 

Sorry that I don't have much to talk about as far as missionary work. We are still setting things up around here and so I don't have many missionary experiences to write. I can tell you though that a family we were working on in Batangas just got baptized! Yay! And then Sister Peters had her interview yesterday and will be baptized this Saturday! Yay! Yay! Harvest season is now! 

Well, for the funny corner today....

1. This week I had a ten year old boy following us around. He was so fascinated that I was American, and even more that I could speak tagalog. He followed us right into our lesson and STAYED THERE. Haha, it was all fine until the momma bear came. (Their family is Igleshia Ni Cristo... so yeah. Igleshia Ni Cristo broke off from our church. For the most part, they really, really don't like mormons...) His mom was pretty steamed, but he wormed his way into staying. He followed us back to the highway after the lesson at which point he asked if I was rich. When I told him that I wasn't, he suddenly lost all interest. He said a quick goodbye and ran back into his house. Young love, haha. It was a good laugh for us later. 

2. I've been waking up a lot randomly between 1-3 am lately to use the bathroom. I think I'm drinking too much water or something. ;) But one night in particular, at approx. 1:50 am, I stubbled out of bed and down the stairs, only to find a family of cockroaches had moved our apartment. There were about 7 or 8 of the little creatures, running crazy around the kitchen. I put on my game face and like a boss, started stamping every inch of the place until at last, every cockroach had met it's end. When at last I came out victorious, I suddenly realized that it was 2:10 and I still hadn't used the bathroom. It all hit me at once and I was certain I was going to pee my pants, that it was already too late. Thankfully, I did make it and all was well. But for early morning experiences, I'm sure that was a winner. 

3. This week was one of our neighbor's birthdays. UNLIKE, the Mormon-Utah culture I am used too, there were no balloons, cake, or ice cream. Just drinking. Lots and Lots of drinking. And of course, as is the staple of the Philippine Culture, karaoke. I guess that it was the "Birthday Boy's" new present, because our 50 plus neighbor (the one whose birthday it was) sang it faithfully from dawn until dusk. LITERALLY. He began singing Tuesday morning at 6  a.m. and continued all through the night until 9  a.m. the next morning. And the more the day went on, the more drunk he got until you couldn't make out a word of it. Just "BLUHHHHHHHHH-BLUBBBBBB, BLUHHHHHHHHHH." I think he must still be passed out somewhere, or dead even, because we haven't seen him since. But I'm certain his birthday was unforgettable, for him and for everyone who lives near him. More fun in the Philippines. :)

Well, time now to go.
Love you all! 
Till next week, 
-Sister Beaumont 

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