Monday, September 22, 2014

Half Way Mark

Well, I feel like I just emailed you! I guess that's because I did, haha. And sorry P.S. about my last email. My eye was swollen and it was hard to see the computer, let alone type! But I am on the road to healing now, so no worries, okay?
So, what has happened between Thursday and Now?
I went home and slept all day long. Our Sister Training Leaders came and did splits with my companion so we could get some lessons in.
We had a mini bagyo (typhoon) and I wasn't able to go out until 6pm. But we finally went to our first appointment in a week! It was so exciting to be back on the streets and teaching! 
We had a full day. I had little trouble readjusting to being awake all day, haha. I fell asleep in two lessons and I felt like it was my first few weeks in the field again. 
We went to church. Two investigators attended! Yay! We also taught a wonderful member and contacted a new investigator. It was great! 

Sorry it's so short. Somehow, I ran out of time again! I didn't even read all my emails, haha! I don't know what steals my time.

Happy 9 month mark everyone Ps. I am officially Halfway done with my mission. It's all downhill time now. I'm really sad! But of course, happy that I'm 9 months away from seeing your 
beautiful faces again. 
Love you! 
-Sister Beaumont 

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