Monday, October 6, 2014

"Maybe God Knows Something We Don't"

My dear family,

This time IT IS NOT MY FAULT. I have spent the last 1 and 8 minutes trying desperately to get a computer that would allow me to email. :( Sometimes, I really dislike computer gamers. They take the Internet speed. 
But, at last after tears, stress, and three computers, I can email! 
Yay! I hope that what little I am able to send in the next 7 minutes is enough. Tell everyone that emailed me I'm really sorry and I'll email them next week. And please tell Trevor that I'm excited for his adventures in Hungary! 

Well, we didn't watch conference yet, that is next weekend. We do get it a week late here. But I have watched the Women's Conference and I loved it. In case you are wondering, yes, the temple video montage in the conference did have some Tagalog. Everyone gave a little Whoop! when we heard it, haha. It was toward the last and had a clip of a family sitting on mats in a house.... if that is helpful. 

Well, because I only have 4 minutes left, Here is what I sent to my mission President. 

We have had a great week, despite it being an unusual week. What with sickness, companion trios, and the Women's Conference we are really missing a full day of work right about now. :) We have looked forward to this week with the hopes that we will be able to dive back into our area and "thrust in the sickle with all our might". However, I have come to learn that the harder you have to work to "work", the more you appreciate it. And of course, the harder anything is, the more you learn. 

This week I have truly come to understand that God really is all-knowing and all-powerful. I loved the statement from the talk given by Elder Uchtdorf at the Women's Conference. He said, "I think that maybe God knows something we don't." Though humorous, it struck me to the very core. I realized that God's commandments, His plan, and His direction in my life come because, "He knows something I don't." God is in fact, SMARTER than me! Who am I to pick which commandments to follow, or dispute his direction and guidance? From just that simple phrase, my entire outlook on my missionary service and even my life was changed. He knows better than I what is best for me. I have been praying since that day that I can follow His commandments with exact obedience and lay upon the altar all the petty things that don't matter to his work. I have realized that if I follow Him, I will in fact, be happier! It's so simple, but it has taken me 20 years to figure it out. :) 

As far as our area, we were unable to see most of our investigators this week. We hope and pray that they will have strength to continue keeping their commitments. We did have the opportunity to visit our Part Member father. He is really changing his life. I don't even recognize him anymore! This week, when we asked him why he accepted the invitation to be baptized, he responded, "Because I read in the Book of Mormon that we must repent, be baptized, and receive the Holy Ghost. I want that." 
We are so excited for his baptism next transfer! He will be a strong convert, because of his testimony of the Book of Mormon.

Well, that's a part of it anyway. I'm sorry again. I love you all! Pray really hard that all the computer gamers will get sick and not be able to email next week! :) (Just joking!)

Mahal na mahal kita,
Sister Beaumont 

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