Tuesday, October 21, 2014

My Brother Is Such An Inspiration To Me

Well, this week I want to start out with a special shout out to my dear brother, Trevor. He is such an inspiration to me!
My companion and I really have applied so much from his letter last week. He's the best! What a way to deal with disappointment! 

So, this was my first full week in Barra. Barra is still connected to the main island, but it is in it's own little gulf. 
There happens to be a small Island called Ransohan in my area, but we are no longer allowed to travel there. 
(The last time Sister Missionaries tried, the boat almost sunk.) Too bad. But we are on the beach line. Like, 
literally, from most of our members houses, it's 5 feet and you are on the beach. I love it! I never go a day without seeing the ocean 
and going to the beach.... Paradise! 
In order to get to our area, because we are 45 minutes away, we have to take a 3 trikes. Whew. Then we arrive to this cute little fishing village
where all the houses look the same and there is bamboo fencing and narrow street ways, (wide enough for only one person) everywhere you look. 
We struggle sometimes with being able to get investigators because basically all the village of Barra has been taught before, or at least knows us 
because it's that small. Very few people are receptive, UNLESS referred by a member because it's harder to reject your next door neighbors. 
If it ever rains hard, we can't go to our area because it gets really flooded. So we just have to wait it out at the house. I always feel like an anxious
puppy when this happens. It's too weird to just sit during the day. We have to be doing something. 
That's all I can think of about the area. If you have any more questions, just ask. 

I love collecting seashells here, because we do live on the beach. When we get too tired of being punted over and over, we call a five minute break 
to pray inwardly and seek guidance from Heaven on what we should do next. We go to the beach and I pick up seashell after seashell. I'm pretty sure I have 
nearly 100 now. I'm going to send some home to you, so look forward to that! 
The little children always love to help me pick them up. As soon as I pick up one, suddenly there are ten children rushing up to me, seashell in hand saying, 
"Ito, ata! Ito!" (This one, sister! This one!) It's so cute and we always give them candy for their help. Which is actually, probably why they are so anxious to help, haha. 

We have only one investigator right now. Before there were more, but they were all children and our mission president doesn't want us to teach children anymore. 
She is really amazing though! I love her so much. She knows, really knows it's true. She needs to be married before she can be baptized, and her marriage date is
the 8 of the Dec. Her baptism date is the 20th. We are so excited for her! (I sent you a picture of her kids last week)

Sister Vaka remains the funniest companion ever! I love her so much! We have too much fun laughing and joking. I told her that I must be Tongan in spirit, because my 
best friends on the mission are Tongan! 
Three funny stories from our companionship:
1: We decided to start praying in the street when we get punted (people give us excuses) or when we are worried about a lesson. (Thanks again to Trevor's awesome example) On one such occasion, my companion and I were standing in the 
middle of a really narrow walkway and this person came unexpectedly. We had to both shuffle over, eyes closed, heads bowed, and press ourselves up against the gate. Those moments, haha. 
The best part was that my companion just kept praying making it even more awkward. I couldn't hold it in and totally snorted with laughter just as the guy passed by. I hope Heavenly Father understands, haha.

2. We were praying after our daily planning one night. Sister Vaka has this thing where she has a really, REALLY hard time holding her pee. She usually starts squirming in her seat, rocking back and forth and I just know she 
has to go. Well, she was doing that during our planning, but she insisted we close first. I started the prayer, and I could hear her rocking back in forth on the floor. I was really trying hard not to laugh. Suddenly and out of
desperation, she kicked her feet like a fish against the tile, trying to hold it. I snickered and without waiting for me to finish the prayer, she jumped up and exclaimed, "Sorry! Amen! Amen!" and waddled like a penguin off to the bathroom. 

3. We were eating casava cake at a members house this week because it was her Birthday and the member had homemade it for her. She was talking to me, fork in hand with a big piece of cake on the end. Suddenly, one of the chickens 
inside flew right into her face. We were freaking out and screaming, trying to understand what just happened. That's when we realized her cake was now gone. The chicken had swooped down and stolen it! We laughed and laughed forever! 
The best part was that the next time we went to that members house, she was cleaning some chicken meat. When we asked her where the chicken was from, she just laughed and pointed at Sister Vaka and then motioned "kill" across her
throat. She actually killed the chicken because it stole her cake! Too funny! 

Well, I love you all so much! 
Till next week! 

-Sister Beaumont 

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