Monday, October 27, 2014

The Book of Mormon is our greatest Tool

Hello, hello family! 
Well it's another great week in Barra. To answer mom's questions...
1. My area covers Barra, (about the size of our neighborhood/ ward 1's neighborhood), a little town on the way into Barra, (about the size of our neighborhood,) 
and Ransohan the island, and a far off place called Talo Talo that we haven't gone to yet because it's a little dangerous there and we have been told to focus closer to the church. 
2. It is just a branch, but the branch is really strong and I feel like I'm in a ward... except for the fact that there is half the people at church. The church here is about half the size of our church at home. 
3. I love the branch so much! This is a really great area, even if we are starting on a different step of the ladder with them as in my other areas. They are wonderful, loving people. 

Well, we've had a good week! We found two new investigators... (one isn't as interested as the other though) and I feel like I've really gotten to know all the members. The maze of Barra is no longer 
puzzling and I know where I'm going! We didn't spend as much time at the beach this week- which is great because that means that we had more time in lessons. 

I'm happy and content in this area and I know this what God wants for me! I have learned so much from being here in this area already! 

Always remember that the Book of Mormon is our greatest tool! Use it in your everyday lives and you will never go wrong! 

(Sorry, no more time!)

With love,
Sister Beaumont 

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