Sunday, November 2, 2014

Halloween in the Philippines

Hello my dear family! Sorry about the short email last time... I can always trust my mother to remind me when I need to make my emails a little longer. 
Well, Halloween here in the Philippines is a very different experience compared to America. 
I felt like I was walking through a marte grade parade all day long. 
There were tents and canopies all over the cemeteries and people were literally having picnics ON TOP of the tombs of their loved ones. 
I guess it's some sentimental way to share lunch with the dead. We set aside that day to contact people only because we had an early curfew. 
Some people were really chill and nice, others were a little irritated. The main road was closed down and there were dozens of souvenir stands everywhere. 
The only taste of American style Halloween that I saw was a booth that was set up to look really "Halloween-ish" with people that held axs and sceletons. 
People would pass by, take a picture at the booth and then move on. All in all though, it was a good day. 
We were actually really grateful for our early curfew, because on the way home, the other sisters in our apartment saw someone murdered. 
It was really scary for them. (In case I haven't told you before, the two other sisters are Sister Japus and Sister Oldem. They are both Filipino and really cute! I love them so much!) 

In answer to your question, I have been switching off with another girl who plays out of the easy hymn book. 
She is learning piano and she does really good! I almost taught piano once, but the appointment was cancelled because they never showed up. 
I have never taught English but I always wish I could. It's sounds so fun! 

Well, this week I saw many miracles in the work.
We found some wonderful investigators and one even came to church and brought her husband with her! It was such a happy surprise. 

We also got to have a special meeting in San Pablo with Elder Robbins from the Seventy. 
He talked mainly on taking responsibility. He said that if we have 100 percent agency, then we also have 100 percent responsibility. 
It was so great to have him in our mission! We also got to see a broadcast with Dallin H. Oaks where he spoke to the whole Philippines. 
He talked about how the Philippine Culture is wonderful culture of Beautiful smiles, Modesty, and family centered beliefs. 
It's all very true! Everyone is so friendly here and smiles at you, even if you are strangers in passing. 
They are very modest and hardly ever do I see cleavage or other parts of the body that should be covered. In fact, if ever a girl bends down, 
she will hold her shirt to her chest with one hand just to make sure nothing shows. 
And despite the attacks on family in many parts of the world, the Philippines is so strong in their desires for a good strong and happy family! 
I just love these people! 

Well, that's it! Times up! 
Love you all! 
-Sister Beaumont 

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