Monday, November 17, 2014

11 Months In The Field

View from our apartment
Me and My Companion
An awesome restraunt we ate at which is filippino traditional native food and culture! 
It played michael buble music and I was at home! I loved it so much! :) 
So, another month mark is coming up! Tomorrow is my 11 month mark in the field. I can't believe time has gone by so fast! I feel like it's only been weeks! I remember my first week emailing home, feeling like, "This is the beginning of 18 more months!" Now I feel the end is coming! I just want to be a missionary forever! Maybe I'll extend, haha! :) 
Well, I have some great experiences to share with you from this week! 

First we have 2 baptismal goal dates now, not just one! Yahoo! We are so happy!  We have 6 investigators instead of the one we started out with. All in all, a happy ending to this transfer. We are so excited to see where things will go here in Barra! 

Well, This week we had stake conference.  Saturday night nobody really showed up. It was 20 members and the missionaries. For the whole stake! So Sunday morning, we weren't really thinking and left at 9:20 when it started at 10. We got there to find the place packed! We found a member to sit by and she said that she had been their since 8 but she was clear in the back! 
We were in the overflow, on the 4th row to last. We were okay though, because we could still see... but as soon as the meeting started, we realized the speakers in the back didn't work, so we couldn't hear a word. After an hour of members chitchatting in the back and children running around like crazy because there was no sound, they set up huge speakers. So then we could hear and just in time too, because our President was next to speak. Before they let him speak though, they took the mic attached to the big speakers and tapped it against the puplit speaker. It was so loud and we all laughed. What a crazy experience! 

I finished the Book of Mormon in Tagalog this week! All 777 pages of it! Whew! Now I reading Moses in the Pearl of Great Price. I'm finding that I understand most of what is said now I'm pretty happy! :) 
I also taught Sister Vaka Yoga and Singing. As if I know how to do either of these, haha. But she asked me to teach her what I knew, so I did. It was fun and we sung the Sound of Music song to learn. (We got rained in one day and because it was flooding in Barra we were stuck in doors almost all day so that's how we spent it.) 

This week I read Jesus the Christ and learned that Christ also had to go through the veil of forgetfulness! He, just like us, had to learn through the spirit and gain through the spirit the knowledge of who he was before. He was tested and tried just as we were, but unlike us, he never made a mistake. It's more incredible to me now than ever that he came to this earth, and although he had the veil of forgetfulness over his mind, he preformed the atonement! I am so grateful for my savior and his perfect life and example for all of us! 

There are many cultures here on this earth! ( Philippino, American...) But we all share one common culture- the gospel! Christ is our savior and through him, we can be perfected and return to God.

I love you! Keep smiling and sharing the gospel through example and word! 
-Sister Beaumont 

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