Monday, November 24, 2014

New Companion

Emilee didn't explain these photos so I am guessing she found these on a wall in their apartment or in a book somewhere?  I will have to ask her about them.  I just thought it would be fun for these missionaries to see that they are still there being read by current missionaries.

Emilee and her new companion Sister Finau.

Dear Family, 
You'll never guess. I have a new companion.... and she is Tongan! Again! I love Tongans so so much and when I found out I was going to have my third Tongan companion, I was literally jumping up and down with joy! 

So, her name is Sister Finau (Fee-now) and this transfer is her last transfer. I'm going to "kill her" as we say here in the San Pablo mission. She is a very, very social and outgoing person. She is very humble as well and loves everyone. I have done more service with her in these last 5 days than all my other companions put together. If she ever sees anyone carrying buckets of water, or doing laundry, she immediately drops her bag and starts doing it with them, whether we know them or not! She promised me that she will NOT get trunky this transfer and I believe her completely. I wouldn't know she was going home this transfer because of her hard work, enthusiasm and diligence. 

I had an interesting dream before she became my companion. To both the Tongan and Filipino cultures, dreams are a really big deal and they often foreshadow things that will happen. So, of course, after 11 months in the Philippines and 3 Tongan companions, it's about time I have one! I dreamed that Sister Vaka and I were proselyting, just like a normal day, and then suddenly Sister Vaka turned to me and said, "It's time to go." So we went to get her luggage and once we had everything packed, we got into a tricycle. We dropped her off and I picked up my new companion. I didn't see her face in the dream, but I knew she was shorter than me. ;) Haha. Anyway, as we were getting into the tricycle, I looked back and there were 3 Tongans waving at me. Two of them were Sister Feinga and Sister Vaka, and the other was my new companion! Cool, right? 

I also wanted to share with you an amazing story that Sister Finau shared with me about her life. She told me that she always wanted to serve a mission, but when she got into high school, she started to become "pasaway." (Disobedient in tagalog.) She never did any serious sins, but she ran away from home and for 6 months, she never came home. After 6 months, she went back to her house to get something in her room. The door was hard to push open, but when she finally did, she opened it and found so much food everywhere. On her dresser, on her bed, everywhere. She was really mad, because some of it was rotting and stunk. She turned around and went into her room to confront her parents. When she came in, she found her dad, lying in his bed, nearly dead from illness. She said though, that it didn't really faze her and she demanded, "Why is there all this food in my room? It stinks!" Her mother, in a quiet voice said, "When are you going to come home? When are you going to come home? Every night we save you some food and put it in your room, hoping that you will come home." She said she immediately went outside and told her friends to leave. From that day until her mission, she never left her parents. I loved that story and cried when she told me it. 

Well, we've had a really successful week. We have a new investigator, who is the husband of one of our other investigators. Commonly, we have a problem where the wives are really interested, but the husbands are super against us. But in this case, the husband is so interested! Yay! He had many questions for us. His son, a 15 year old is a really hard debater and really knows the bible. He often uses it to try to make us trip up in our lessons. But his father had so much confidence in our message, despite anything his son was saying. After his son pulled out scripture after scripture trying to prove that there couldn't be prophets today, his father just shook his head at him, and then told us, "I believe we still need Prophets. Why would they just stop after Christ?" Anyway, I can't wait to teach him again! We left him a book of mormon to read and pray about and I'm excited to see how it went! 

Also, our very first investigator here in Barra finally came to church. We've been struggling each week to get her to come. Despite it being sort of close to her house, she hasn't been able to come because of one reason or another. But this Sunday, right in the middle of passing the sacrament, she came! Sister Finau and I both rejoiced when we saw her! Missionary work is so wonderful!!!!!!! 

This week, I wondered who the Happiest person on earth was. I realized, of course, it would be the most perfect. Jesus Christ must have been the very happiest person on earth and his whole life, everyday was spent in the service of others. Let us all strive to be like him and follow his example! 

I love you! 
Remember to share the gospel with everyone through your example! 
Fear is not worthy of a child of God! :) 
With Love,
Sister Beaumont 

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