Sunday, November 9, 2014

3 New Investigators

My dear family.  What a week! We've had some crazy experiences here in Barra! Somethings have been really good and others have been really weird to say the least. 

The good news, we have 3 new investigators! We are so happy for them. They are all former investigators and we are so happy that they are opening their hearts up to us. One is this wonderful family. They have been taught 3 times before, in each of the places they used to live before moving. They are now in Barra and we have found them! I fell in love with them as soon as the mother said, "I believe that your church is true. Why else would God keep putting missionaries in my life?" We are going to follow up with them about praying to receive an answer. I'm so excited to see their progression. 

We also found another former investigator that just shines with the light of Christ. I love her so much and I can't wait to see her growth in the lessons. She invited us in before she even knew who we were and immediately fed us. I remembered what you told me dad, about the house of Israel. I looked on her porch and sure enough, flowers! So that's exciting! Her husband is less active so we might be able to hit two birds with one stone. 

Our first investigator is doing great as well. She is clear in Mosiah! I'm so happy that she loves the book of mormon! She reads it everyday while her children do their homework. Our only challenge is getting her to come to church. She feels overwhelmed with her children and her husband. (He doesn't like the church but allows her to go and is okay if she is baptized.) Anyway, we hope that all will go well with her and her family. 

Well, like I said, we had some weird experiences as well. We arrived in Barra on to find EVERYONE and I mean EVERYONE at the basketball court. One of the popular radio stations here in the Philippines was doing a big raffle, singing contest event. It kind of put a damper on our plans if you can imagine. No one was at their houses for us to teach. We finally sat down on a ledge and started to talk about what we should do. That's when a woman came up from behind us and said, "Mormons?" We were so excited. This was an answer to our prayers! Or so we thought. We started to talk with her a little and she asked us what we believed. Even more eager, we began to share. She seemed really receptive, until suddenly we realized she was crazy. Like, literally, she was crazy. She tried to show us a mark on her leg by pulling down her pants and kept talking about how beautiful I was because I looked like the people on tv. Then she ranted about Elizabeth Taylor for a while and told us her whole history. Every once and a while she would laugh like some insane woman. 
I guess Heavenly Father knew we just needed a laugh. 

Anyway, I love you! Thanks for your support and emails! 
I pray all is well with you back home! 
With Love,
Sister Beaumont 

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