Monday, January 19, 2015

My Area, My Companion, My Schedule

The area I am in now is really big and it's a city. Almost all the houses are nice comfortable homes and it's really a big contrast to Barra. I've found that I'm more comfortable when we enter into a home with dirt floors than with tile... but I'm happy to be in the city again. We have a progressing area and a lot of investigators. It's nice to be in an area where everyone welcomes you into their homes so easily. The members here are really great! I love one family in particular and have become really attached to this area. I hope with all my heart that is my LAST area. I've decided I'm not a fan of transferring so much. It's hard to try to get to know new people every three months! But like I said, there is a family here that I love. The father is a painter and has the most incredible paintings! Many of his artworks have been displayed in the Church History Museum in Salt Lake. He is sending in another beautiful painting of the Savior at Galilee and I hope that it will get in! (They have a contest.) He has 6 children, (all grown with families), one is our bishop, another is a bishop in another ward, one is a cook, and one is sculpter. It's so fun to see their house. Unlike anything I've seen her in the Philippines. It's so artistic and has a feel of design to it. They have a tree growing right out of there kitchen, through the second floor, and out onto the roof. It's awesome! 

Second, My companion.
We haven't had much time with one another because of how busy everything is, but we get along really well. She is more quiet and reserved and sometimes I think I can be a little intimidating to her. I've developed a rather outgoing personality throughout my mission. However, we have been coming really close as we've talked and gotten to know one another better. I love her and I'm so grateful for her as my companion! She's exactly what I needed. 

Third, Schedule. 
Whew. That's definitely where the story is at. We are so busy all the time, running running, that I feel like my head just hit the pillow each night only to get up in 5 minutes and do it all again. I'm lucky if I have time to shower each night, let alone write in my journal! However, I love it! It's so great and it's exactly what I need to keep my on my toes these last months. So this past week we had Zone Meeting on Wednesday. We gave a workshop, reported on the news from our President and gave a talk called, Rise to your Call. Afterward, we rushed home and did our weekly planning, finishing just in time to rush off for another exchanges. Sorry, no pictures. I don't trust this place, haha. But anyway, she's from Australia, her name is Sister Tzanis, and it was so fun! I love her fun loving personality and I learned a lot from her. Then we came back on Friday night just in time to start our second exchanges. This time I was with Sister Leung-wai from Hawaii. She was really fun. She is only 4 weeks into the mission, so I had to do a lot of the teaching. It was so crazy and made me a little grateful that I've always had a companion to support me in teaching, but I really loved our exchanges and learned a lot from her! She is so fun and awesome! Then we had more meetings and I'm just grateful that its another week. Although I'm dreading it also. Here's what we have ahead of us for this week! :)

Monday- Zone P-day (We provided games and food)
Tuesday- Exchanges
Wednesday- Evaluations of Exchanges, District meeting 
Thursday- Zone Interviews and Weekly Planning
Friday-Zone interviews and meet for Exchanges
Saturday- Exchanges and evaluations 
Sunday- Ward Conference
Whew, so there you have it. Wish me luck! 

I love you all! Thanks for your support! 

-Sister Beaumont 

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