Wednesday, December 31, 2014

It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas...

"It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas, everywhere you go..." 

Each night here in the Philippines we've had cute little kids come a caroling for a peso or two. We unfortunately can't give them anything as missionaries, but it's cute to here them singing. There is no snow here in the Philippines, (of course) but it's been really cold and rainy, close enough right? And we've had some wonderful Christmas Presents. They didn't come wrapped in cute paper or found in our stalkings.... Instead, it was found in the fact that we now have 5 baptismal goal dates, three new investigators, and best of all, even though we went to Cabayao this weekened because Sister Finau is going home soon, our most progressive investigator attended church and the Christmas party, even though she knew we wouldn't be there. The best Christmas present ever! :) I was so happy!  When an investigator is able to come to church with out you, it really shows that they are converted to the gospel, not the missionary. 

Well, what else? Sister Finau goes home in 5 days... I can't believe it. I am so sad and I will miss her so much! We have had such a good companionship this transfer and have seen many miracles in the work together. She has changed my life for the better! But I know that all things have their times and seasons... so I'll miss her, but I know her time has come. Speaking of time, can you believe that my MTC batch has one more transfer left in the field? They are going home in a little over a month. It is so fast! I'm so excited to see what Heavenly Father has in store for me in the time that will lapse. My dear companion, Sister Feinga is also going home with Sister Finau's batch. I got to see her this weekend for the last time. (We got to meet up while travelling to Cabayao) It was so good to talk to her one last time! I love her so much! I can't believe it's been a year since we were companions. Crazy! 

But it's okay. I'm planning to go to Tonga after my mission, (and after I've gotten some money hehe,) and visit them. I'm trying to pick up a little tongan before I go.... Sister Finau and I have been singing in Tongan this whole week. The tongan hymnbook has more hymns/ additional hymns that aren't in the English hymnbook. 

We had our Zone Christmas Party this week. It was so fun to experience! We had a lot of games and of course some really spiritually uplifting talks. I was asked to play the piano for the hmyns, and then I also accompanied a musical number, and sang Homeless with my companion. Dang, I felt like I barely sat down in that meeting before getting up again, haha. But I really encourage my brothers to practice the piano. I was the only person in the whole zone christmas that could play the piano. Even if you think the opportunity won't come, it will! Promise! 

Well, I'm so excited to skype tomorrow! Love you all so much! 
Merry Christmas! 
Remember, the reason for the season is the Savior Jesus Christ. Like an apostle once said, "There wouldn't be any Christmas if there wasn't an Easter." 
Rejoice, the Savior is born! 

-Sister Beaumont 

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