Monday, March 16, 2015

57,600 Seconds

57,600. That is the number of seconds an average missionary has in a day. About 6,500 seconds is spent eating, 14,000 seconds is spent studying, and 30,000 seconds is spent teaching and preaching the gospel. Every second has felt more valuable to me since our mission president shared that with us. Even more short is the fact that an average life on earth is about 2 hours and 45 minutes of God's time, and each mission of an 18 month serving sister is 3 minutes of God's time. My mission president, after sharing that chuckled and said, "Elders and Sister's, can we be good for 3 minutes?" We all laughed, but it's a true principle and I've applied it to myself by asking, "Can I give my all for 3 minutes?" "Can I be consecrated and sanctified for 3 minutes?" I am striving each day to answer "YES!" with all the heart, might, mind and strength that I posses. It isn't easy, but if I do my best, Heavenly Father will make these 3 short minutes worth it. 

Well, what did I do with my 57,600 seconds x 7 days? 

We had another Zone Meeting and we shared the 57,600 second principle, as well as points from  chapter 8 of preach my gospel. I think I learned more than they did about using my time wisely and effectively! I'm so grateful for wonderful resources like preach my gospel. I especially learned, in an ironic way, about Revelation. We initially had planned three days in advance to focus on "Revelation". We practiced, prepared, and were running through it all night, when the spirit hit us and told us, "That sounds like a good workshop, but that isn't the one you are supposed to teach." It was a little daunting because we had approximately 12 hours before zone meeting that next day to plan a new one, but after praying and discussing it, we both agreed that it wasn't right. We changed it to the "Using time wisely\ 57,600 second thing" and everything flowed like magic. It turned out being a hundred times better than our previous idea. So what did I learn? Sometimes Revelation is a leap of faith. A big, giant leap. But if we take that leap, we understand that the place we arrive to is much better than the one we just came from. 

Also, this week I had a great exchanges with Sister Purcell from New Zealand and Sister Melosantos from the Philippines. As always they taught me so much and we had a great time. I really love the sisters here in this zone and I get so excited each time we have exchanges.

And as far as investigators, Thank you so much for your prayers in behalf of our investigator family. They are all reading the Book of Mormon and the little kids are excitedly engaged in Book of Mormon Stories. But even better, the mother was able to attend church yesterday. We almost died of happiness when we saw her sitting there 30 minutes early in the Sacrament Hall. She attended it all 3 hours and was excited about it all. She said that she especially loved the part of Relief Society. Thanks for your support! Keep it up! We are seeing miracles here because of it! ;)

Mahal na mahal kita! 
-Sister Beaumont 

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