Wednesday, April 22, 2015


Well, I'm still in the mission! Yay! I'm so relieved that I get to finish off my last 8 weeks. Sorry to any of you who were secretly hoping I would be sent home (best friends, younger siblings) , but I'm here to stay and finish what I started! 

So, for news, I've been transferred into a new area, one that is more safe for my asthma and circumstances. I'm really hoping that this is my last area now and I can make it through the next and last transfer without getting another one! So Alaminos is my new area, and it's so beautiful here. Its right up against some beautiful mountains and there are trees everywhere. It's definitely the most beautiful area I've been assigned to and I've been taking a lot of pictures. 

I really love the sisters here. I'm companions with a Sister Pablo. She's almost six months into the mission now, Filippina, and super fun. We are really close. Then I'm living with Sister Ricketts, (she goes home in 2 weeks) and Sister Viatohi. Sister Viatohi is Tongan and I'm starting to think that Heavenly Father knows I always need a Tongan in the house to feel at home.:) (I've only had 2 transfers out of the 11 that I haven't had a Tongan/poly in the house)  Like I said, we are all super tight and have fun laughing and joking after work. 

When I first got to the apartment, it was really disorganized, not really because of the other sisters but because its really small and so there wasn't much space to organize. They also were missing some important things, like laundry baskets and whatnot so there were books and clothes everywhere. We did some really deep, deep cleaning the first two days I was here and it looks completely different than it did before. I've been practicing Walt Disney's theory. When he first built DisneyLand, there was a lot of trash and liter everywhere and it bothered him. So he hired thousands of workers whose job it was to pick up any piece of trash they spotted. After a while, people were uncomfortable throwing trash on the ground because of how clean everything was and he was able to rehire them to other positions, because the park eventually took care of itself. I figure it can be the same with apartments. :) 

Well, as far as investigators here in Alaminos, we have some really potential looking investigators who are progressing towards baptism in May. I'm excited for them, they have good support from the members and are really interested. It's really refreshing to be able to teach after last weeks fiasco with hospitals and whatnot and I really enjoy the spirit of regular missionary work. 

Well, Love you all! 
Have a good week! 
-Sister Beaumont 

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